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Written by Robert | 19/06/2014

The first week of the summer sale at Mainline Menswear is nearly over and to help you find a bargain we have chosen a second brand to do a brand focus on. G-Star Raw is one of our biggest collections here at Mainline and there are over 200 of the Dutch firm’s items in the sale.

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The raw denim specialists are famous for their modern techniques and urban style mixed with clear influence from vintage military uniforms. They have grown to have a presence in cities across the world from different time zones, cultures and languages. Every one of them appreciates the originality of the G-Star Raw style and this has helped raise the popularity to the level it is at today. Despite being a lot younger than many other denim specialists such as Levi’s, Edwin, Replay and Armani Jeans to name a few, their rise to becoming one of fashion’s elite designers has seen them use dozens of celebrity ambassadors and open a number of impressive flagship stores.

The most impressive thing about G-Star raw is that they haven’t settled on their achievements with denim jeans, they have relentlessly pushed to develop more iconic designs and as a result, they have an eclectic range from which consumers can choose.

If you aren’t familiar with the work of G-Star Raw, you can see their key styles here and mull over the seasonal looks we have put together using items that have just gone into sale.

When you’re shopping for G-Star there isn’t a better place to start than the denim itself which they’re renowned for. It is the perfect starting place and provides the base for an opportunist summer sale outfit.

G Star Sale Jeans


G-Star Sale Shorts

Everyone has a preference for wash and fit in denim but G-Star Raw is probably one of the few denim brands which can claim to have a style to suit everyone’s taste. Featured above are 6 denim products which are all discounted between 25-50% off, despite the low price these are styles not only suitable for summer but also ideal for seasons beyond them too. Take the Dexter jean for example: (top, far right) this is a skinny jean which looks great with the pastel-coloured shoes and has a strong summer vibe, but they are also a great staple for the whole year round because they suit almost any style. The 3301 straight shorts are a safe bet to wear in the summer, they’ll keep you cool and work a treat with your warmer weather clothing. The quality of G-Star Raw’s denim production guarantees that if you buy a pair they will serve you reliably for years into the future.

You don’t have to stop at denim though, G-Star Raw are determined to branch out and develop other areas of their collection. In an effort to complete a full outfit you may look at shirts, t-shirts or jackets, even accessories. Can you make a complete sale outfit like we have here?

G-Star Raw Pictures

G-Star Raw pay fine attention to detail in all of their products, their t-shirts are wide-ranging in colours and all have customised pockets and stitching individual to each style. Some of the items above are up to 50% cheaper at the minute and look great in the warmer months. The different styles allow them to seamlessly blend in underneath shirts, lightweight jackets and over other t-shirts for a summery layered effect.

g-Star Raw Shirts

There are some exciting summer shirts up for grabs in the sale right now with short and long-sleeved styles both popular. The Chambray shirt is a classic choice for summer its unique detailing will make its quality hard to miss as well as proving easy to combine with a number of outfits. These adaptable shirts are ready-made to throw into an everyday outfit or just as easily a going-out smarter concoction and it won’t matter whether it’s shorts, jeans, trainers or shoes. But if you are looking to finish your outfit off then there are still some accessories in the sale which are worth getting hold of:

G-Star Sale Accesories

Perhaps the most adaptable items you’ll find in the sale range this summer are pictured above and despite their dark hues, you could describe them as summer essentials. Not to say that they are only limited to the current season though, the G-Star baseball jacket and midnight coloured blazer are ideal for throwing over countless items wherever you might need them. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a bad hair day either, all you need to do is throw on the Cap and its black colour will merge effortlessly with whatever it is you’re wearing. Shop the rest of the G-Star sale section here.


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