Seasonal Camo Prints

Written by Robert | 03/09/2014

The bright colours of summer clothing are disappearing from the streets and the shops and are instead being replaced by the darkened hues such as those of the camouflage print. Having been a big trend since the early part of the year, it is the optimum time of year to blend in with the popular fabric print.

Typical military inspired brands such as G-Star Raw have always been prominent in their use of the print but the AW14 collection as Mainline has a noticeable uptake from brands who haven’t previously experimented with it.

Taking a look at the new designs, we are considering which looks we can create with this traditional fashion which has drifted in and out of popularity for a number of years.

Camo might be designed for concealment but it is the print you should wear if you want to turn heads in the high street. Its use is proving to be more and more versatile, hipster, urban and street wear styles have all been using it for well over a year now, but its versatility is bringing it to the attention of brand new audiences

Look 1 

Unless you want to look like action man or some kind of urban guerrilla it is probably for the best that you only wear one camo item per outfit. With that in mind, the first crew neck by G-star is great paired with similarly dark items, try black jeans or chinos and a pair of red boots, even throw a black parka over if needs be.

Camo Look 1

Look 2

Camo printed tee’s are the easiest way to incorporate this style into your everyday wardrobe and it can be done in a host of ways. There is a fine line between colours that do and don’t work, dark denim or black will make it look a natural fit, any other shades of green, kharki or cream will make it a car crash of a look.


Look 3

Proving that camo can be casual too, Billionaire Boys Club has arrived at Mainline Menswear this season and does so with a eccentric hooded camo design. Stamping their unique personality onto the style, they have created something which looks great with a pair of structured joggers and a pair of Y3’s.

Brand Focus

Crooks & Castle’s

The American brand is probably the biggest user of the print in Mainline’s collection this year. Taking it to multiple different silhouettes with varying degrees they have also reinvented it into a bright blue colour which is a real standout look on the shirt for AW14. Shorts and bucket hats both carry the customised smaller camo print which transfers almost naturally onto these urban styled clothes.


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