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Written by Robert | 07/05/2014


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Chris Martin FashionFrontman for one of Britain’s biggest bands in the last decade, Coldplay, and currently going through one of the highest-profile celebrity divorces of recent times, Chris Martin has spent a lot of time in the public limelight and on the front pages of the news. But rather than focus on his fantastic career achievements which include 6 chart-topping albums to date, or his struggling and highly publicized private life; today we focus on the positives for him- an effortlessly suave sense of style, consistent throughout his everyday life.

In a recent and rare interview with BBC Radio One, Martin told of his insecurities and emotional honesty which he has encrypted into his band’s impending new album “Ghost Stories” relating to the troublesome period he is going through in his life and marriage of ten years. One thing that could never be described with the same words is the fashion in which he confidently dresses, portraying a casual and humble personality.

Chris is known for his taste in darker shades and has always been known as a man with a penchant for military styled clothing, particularly in the artwork for the band’s fourth album “Viva la Vida”. He can often be seen in the colder months wearing a pea-coat and rugged leather boots, but just as frequently keeps his outfits very straightforward and simple.

Chris Martin Viva la Vida OutfitChris Martin Stage StyleChris Martin Street

Having lived in Los Angeles for a number of years now, he is used to a warm climate and has had a noticeable change in appearance, apparently becoming a fan of looser fitted t-shirts, often long-sleeved with rolled-up cuffs and usually plainly designed in neutral colouring.

Chris Martin tOPChris Martin interview

His band formed as a result of meeting at university and earned their fame off the back of playing at underground venues in Camden, London. The first album “Parachutes” proved to be an overwhelming success and since then the band have maintained a distinction as an easy-to-listen-to group with a broad appeal through different genres of music and age demographics. Chris replicates this likeable appeal with his clothing and shows a relaxed persona in his reluctance to wear garments that stand out unlike many of his contemporaries in the music industry. Often seen in dark trousers or jeans, he likes to match these with similar toned tops and jackets, ensuring he never raises too many eyebrows. This preference of clothing matches the 37-year-old’s inclination towards keeping his private life separate from his public affairs, effectively fading into the background of celebrity culture.

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A classic Chris Martin look starts with a navy granddad t-shirt, so here with Pretty Green, we’ve picked out the cream of the crop. Not to forget a trademark accessory- roll the sleeves up and display your Vivienne Westwood leather bracelet to emulate the casual almost-surfer style look which Chris displays in the warm weather so often. He often displays a continuity of hues in his outfit so grey jeans are a safe choice to blend but not clash with the blue top. A pair of Clark’s Originals is a wise choice of footwear in this outfit, merging the formal shoes they excel in making with a more casual number to suit the outfit. This matches the way in which Chris maintains an air of class to his look.

Look 2

The family man keeps a down-to-earth style when he isn’t performing or in front of the media, often sporting classic training shoes, keeping it simple by matching them with basic t-shirts. Above they are accompanied by the key piece which is a fitted leather jacket that can go with many outfits because we know he likes a stand-out piece of outerwear.

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