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Written by Robert | 29/12/2014

Putting function before fashion has never been so cool.  This winter has seen the emergence of technical jackets as a premium fashion trend which many high end designer brands have focussed on for the Autumn and Winter season. The appetite for functional clothing has evolved from the popular breathable items in the summer such as mesh-lined t-shirts.

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Many brands have adapted their traditional styles to cater for this new trend-driven market, here we review the best this style has to offer from some of the top international designer labels.

Luke 1977 – Leo Technical Hooded Jacket

This smart funnel necked jacket is a fleece lined, windproof jacket which has elasticated waistband and cuffs for extra practical qualities. Its long neck is beneficial for both keep out the elements and for its ability to fold down into an open neck or also for adjusting into a hood.

luke tech

Luke 1977 has proved to be a very trend driven brand in the past who like to alter their style each season according to the popular styles of that given time, as opposed to sticking to signature designs. It is therefore a telling sign that they have invested so heavily in producing much more technical clothing. Take a look at their Boon Idle Overshirt for example, or the matching Cappy technical jumper and Dobbin t-shirt, all of which wouldn’t look out of place on some kind of trekking expedition, despite their obvious streetwear appeal.

Superdry – Polar Windhiker

This lightweight jacket by Superdry is called the windhiker for a reason and that’s because it is designed with active lifestyle in mind. Despite its lightweight feel it has a fleece lining and a “wind breaking” outer which will keep the wearer warm during the sharp winter days, without losing any of the practicality- which can’t be said of chunkier fashion coats. Superdry themselves have always valued practicality when it comes to outerwear and in recent times they have made their products much more technical, helping them appeal to lovers of the great outdoors as well as fashion itself. The Windcheater jacket is one of Superdry’s best-known designs and it is available as ever this winter with hood and drawstring chords included as well as the trademark three over-lapping zips which offer second-to-none insulation for the wearer. If you want to create this technical look with Superdry you could finish it with a Montana rucksack which ideal for work or pleasure; perhaps the best thing about their technical items is the all-round affordable nature of it.


Stone Island – Ice Jacket   

When it comes to technical jackets in fashion the Ice Jacket is undoubtedly the cream of the crop. Coming in a brick red colour the fabric of this special jacket is so sophisticated it can offer both water and wind resistant qualities as well as an amazing thermochromatic coating which changes colour according to temperature- if you’re really interested in knowing how; the molecules of the coating’s micro-encapsulated pigments modify the passage of the light and morph in relation to temperature. It is finished with a feather filling to give unrivalled comfort.

ice jacket pics

Such is the popularity of technical clothing this year the resurgence of stigmatised items such as fleece jackets are actually making a comeback with brands such as Adidas Originals and Lyle & Scott releasing versions this year to reflect their new found hip status. It isn’t just hiking styled clothing either, sailing inspired outerwear by the likes of Paul & Shark and Henri Lloyd has seen an increase in popularity too as well as dedicated outdoor brands such as Penfield.

penfield hiker

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