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Written by Robert | 17/10/2014

Scottish brand Ted Baker has revealed it latest line for winter with a selection of eye-catching designs. The brand has gone from strength to strength in recent years and is available online at Mainline Menswear right now.

Baker aw14

Having set up initially as a shirt specialist in Glasgow where they made it their characteristic to design with a light-hearted quirkiness. It wasn’t long before their brand started to attract a much wider audience and made the move to London. It has continued to expand this way to the point that today they have flagship stores as far afield as China and New York’s Fifth Avenue. Since 1987 they have gone from being a humble family brand into a huge global name and their rise to prominence is almost unparalleled.

One of Ted’s best characteristics is the unswerving focus on quality and extra mile they go to add detail to their product. Created by Ray Kelvin who surprisingly didn’t want to use his own name as part of the brand, he took his brand to all corners of the UK including Manchester, Plymouth and Nottingham to begin with, before becoming nationwide and beyond. Their international expansion has been aided by the fact customers recognise their methods and products aren’t just run of the mill, there is a special level of detail paid to each line and product. They are a unique brand in the sense they have achieved all of their expansion without the aid of any adverts, instead opting to spread by word of mouth- a much more organic way of earning credibility and despite it being a more time consuming avenue to go down, they have achieved their success very quickly.

Ted Baker banner

Even though the brand began in Glasgow you will now be used to seeing the words Ted Baker London and this is an example of how they have adapted to attract a new audience. Having once been just a small independent store, they are now seen as a quintessential British label and are one of the most internationally recognized names.

They have always favoured a smarter profile meaning products usually products are slim-fitting and are formal with a casual twist. Key products in the latest line include the ever-present shirts, blazers, wool-knits, outerwear, and of course shoes which they have developed a particular niche for of late.

Adopting a dark set of hues for the change in season, Ted have have incorporated their trademark flair for details onto a brand new, revised set of polo t-shirts, of which two stand-out designs are the embroidered hurn and the piccan paisley, both of which give a real sense of the eccentric British design which has helped the nation become well-known in foreign markets and succeeding for brands such as Ted Baker, Vivienne Westwood and Paul Smith.

Ted Baker Polo's

Footwear is another area where- like with shirts- Ted Baker has developed a real forte, and in particular with formal shoes. This year the brand has updated the line to include popular styles like the double monk-strap, Chelsea boot and a variety of brogues, all in all making an essential collection for any shoe lover. Check out the highlights below:

Ted Baker have released a special campaign for their footwear collection this autumn, entitled “Take the Lead“. Its imagery references a number of iconic movies and dance moves, including Singing in the Rain and Saturday Night Fever.

Baker Brogue

Here are our picks of the new collection:

Ted Baker Picks

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