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Written by Robert | 17/07/2014




Judging from the brands we stock here at Mainline Menswear it has become apparent that pocket t-shirts are the source of much creativity in men’s fashion this year. Floral, polka dot and animal prints are just some of the graphics used in this expansive and vibrant summer trend collection.

It isn’t just t-shirts, of course, button shirts and pique polos have been given the same facelift by certain brands, so it’s clear this is a style you can incorporate into a number of personal preferences. But with this style arriving so thick and fast how can we be expected to sift through each design? We are going to cut through the numbers by looking at which styles suit and how to wear them best.

Possibly the easiest way to spruce up your wardrobe or satisfy that other old cliché of “adding a bit of colour for the summer season”, this is a chance to step out of the comfort zone and adopt a more imaginative look. A small pocket detailing allows this the chance to maintain an element of subtlety too so you don’t have to step out of your comfort zone.

pocket squares

Brand focus

Luke 1977 is the perfect example of a forward-thinking British brand, they are an independently owned and design-led business that bases their clothing innovation on a range of social situations, such as the bar and pub scene as well as the weekend terrace culture. Their collections are very reactive towards current trends and because of this, they are never limited to a particular style. Out of all of the brands to utilise the detailed pocket trends, Luke has done so with the most imagination. Take a look at some of their designs below:

Pocket Detail Luke 1977

Part of the success of these vivid patterns is due to the change in the attitude of the everyday young male. Once upon a time, it was considered a feminine banality to wear a polka, floral or leopard print in clothing. At the very least those who did were considered wildly eccentric. But teenagers upwards are showing that they are no longer afraid to flout the maxims set down by the generations before them. Analysts actually say that retail sales have increased by 130% on floral men’s clothing alone, this is pushing the boundaries all the time and designers and consumers are both willing to go that one step further every time to stand out.

A characteristic that makes this style so popular is the fact it can be easily transferred to a whole host of outfits whether that is in a smarter nighttime environment or a casual daytime when you might be relaxing in shorts and flip flops. Still not sure? here are our top 3 tips to getting the contrast pocket looks spot-on:

1. Don’t over-do it

The temptation for a lot of men with a newly discovered taste for fashion is to flaunt it at every given opportunity and consequently it can have a reverse effect. If you are wearing this style you should keep other prints to the premium. Unless they match, it will just give everybody who sets eyes on you a headache, it is much more effective to wear a plainer outfit and let the detailed pocket add the interest without being too in-your-face loud.

2. Wear it right

Make sure it fits and that you aren’t careless with the outfit you wear it in – this is never going to look good with your tracksuit bottoms. You don’t want it to fit badly either, this will only cheapen the look. If you find a good fit it’ll look sartorially precise in a number of your outfits.

Money T-shirtDenim ShortsNike Trainers


3. Be Imaginative

The whole idea of this trend is to think outside of the box and wear those plainer styles with a touch of something new. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles so don’t restrict yourself and constantly strive to experiment with new prints and products. Take a look at these key pieces below for inspiration.

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