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Written by Robert | 06/05/2014

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Having the right hat is vital not only to keep you protected from the sun at the peak of summer but also for adding style to your basic seasonal clothing.

Many disregard the importance of a good hat and end up churning out the same one for years on end, whilst doing so throwing away a good summer outfit’s credibility.

Today, we have our top 5 picks of this summer’s most fashionable headwear and reveal which adapts best to which style.


Fedora, trilby- call it what you want- there are a whole host of variations to the name and style of this hat and you can buy whichever takes your preference this year because they’re all hot on-trend. Summer will again be defined by trilby-clad holidaymakers, having seen a dramatic resurgence in popularity over the past few years. Taking their influence from the hugely popular fedora of the 1920s, this style has an air of vintage about it for those who take influence from the by-gone eras and retro clothing. These styles of hats were a staple until around the 1960s for men around the country, now, they are available in every season and are worn by a wide range of people with different styles. A refined style lends itself to most outfit choices but for the summer a breathable trilby should prove the wisest choice. You can count on this style for any outfit whether it’s a three-piece suit or a t-shirt with chino shorts.

Plenty of celebrities have jumped on board the trilby bandwagon 



The latest retro craze to hit the fashion scene is the 90s-styled bucket hat which has been taken on by urban and street-styled younger generations for the summer. This style of hat is a popular unisex item in warm weather and will be one of the most popular trends for festival revellers. Its renewed appeal will take it away from the surfer look it used to portray and will start to lean towards a more classy and sartorial tone of outfit. The bucket will no longer associate you with moody teenagers Kevin and Perry, but instead a credible new wave of dressers.

Pork Pie

A hat with a definite feel of past influences and a history dating back well into the 1800s, its eye-catching design will make this a perfect option for those looking to create a statement summer outfit. Its appeal doesn’t end there, with pure cotton construction and a snug fit, it is a hat that is comfortable to wear in any weather, protecting the wearer well from the sun rays as well as maintaining a breathable/cooling quality. The Pork Pie- bearing no resemblance to its culinary namesake- will forever remain the choice of a classy gentleman. With room to experiment on the clothes you wear it with, it will be a big surprise if this hat isn’t a common piece of summer headwear this year. Ideally, the hat will suit a summer trouser and shirt best, maintaining its formal DNA, however, it will be just as apt to match it with shorts and a choice t-shirt and shoe combo.

Fans of Breaking Bad might associate the Pork Pie hat with ice-cool Heisenberg

Pork Pie hat


An absolute classic choice of hat for the summer, it is of course a timeless piece now and comes in countless varieties, the most common of which is a baseball cap. This style might be cursed by those with a true fashion taste for its unimaginative complexion, but, whether it’s a baseball, flat peak or short peak, there is room for each personality to find one to suit their unique taste. Such a plethora of colours and styles means you will struggle to find one which doesn’t suit your wardrobe, snap-back or flat peak caps were a huge phenomenon last summer, and they have again been tweaked for a strong 2014. Lacoste Live is a brand that has updated its collection with an exciting set of new hats, see how their cap looks in the summer outfit below.

Lacoste Live Cap - CopyLacoste Live White tDiesel WatchNike Safari

Train Driver

People might refer to this hat in different ways; a short peak cap is probably the most effective and descriptive one. A short and (usually) firm peak characterises this style, often with a contrasting material/finish on the peak and the head. Slightly more subtle than a baseball cap and much more elegant and neatly finished- unlike a baseball cap you can use this hat to complement many highly fashionable outfits.

Train Driver Hat

Choosing the right hat this summer

The only way to ensure you don’t make a fashion faux pas this year is to think about the shape of your face and what characterizes your summer wardrobe. A rounder face may not be as suitable to a pork pie style hat or trilby as somebody with a longer or narrow face; equally a peak style cap won’t suit a thinner face as well as a more round one. It is also worth thinking about your dress sense, formal and tailored to perfection? You may be best with a fedora. Sporty? A cap may be best- and retro or vintage? Surely you would be best going for the bucket.

So, next time you think about buying a hat to take on your holiday, you might want to think of these important factors first, remembering that this small accessory could make or break the rest of your outfit.

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