The Valentine’s Day Watch Guide

Written by Robert | 03/02/2014


They are the perfect gift at this time of year and a few lucky men will receive watches in the coming days from their Valentine’s – with many more yearning for one. Not only are they a symbol of your character and lifestyle, the watch is a true men’s fashion accessory which has long been described as a reflection of the man himself.

Below: Do you know which watch you want for Valentine’s Day?


The wrist watch first became popular with men for its obvious practical and organisational qualities which were first utilised in the military, but it has become a fashion phenomenon for its sentimental and timeless quality. Whether you are buying, receiving or simply just craving a watch at this time of year, it is important to understand these guidelines for finding one to match your mode of dress and identity.


How should it fit?

The rules are quite obvious, but some flout them simply to be different- for example wearing a watch with the face on the underside of the wrist. Nobody with an expensive watch should do this because it is far more likely to make you scratch the face, plus, people just won’t appreciate its quality.

The watch should be loose enough that it doesn’t leave an imprint on your skin, but not loose enough to slide up and down your wrist. All good watches will be easily adjustable at the jewellers so don’t hesitate to tweak your piece to personal preference.

Don’t fall into the trap of wearing your treasured piece wrong…

It’s also worth noting that watches with a small face are traditionally seen as a more feminine touch, so that particular fashion choice should be left for only the braver males. In general the metallic wrist watch is worn just below the wrist bone, but it has become common for dress watches- with leather straps for example- to be worn above the bone. Overall, the best tip a man can get is to wear the watch how it feels most comfortable.

Aside from these principle rules we have the added dimension of which hand to wear your time piece on? Well this needs to be approached logically. Watches are made for comfort and practicality, so for many men this would mean on the opposite hand to your writing hand.

When to wear it?

If you have a nice watch it shouldn’t be consigned to one specific outfit, it needs to go with many, but watch-lovers know that it compliments a watch nicely to match the strap colour with your belt and shoes. Alternatively it can be effective to compliment your watch face with clothing colour or vice-versa.

The type of watch you have clearly determines when you can wear it, If you have a bright coloured watch for example it will likely be consigned to more casual wear and a limited number of outfits. However if you buy a neutral stainless steel colour it will most likely work in a number of situations. Equally, plain black leather strapped watch with a simple block coloured face will offer the same level of versatility.

The two main types of watches to differentiate between are dress watches and sport watches. A dress watch is intended to be understated and smaller so that it doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb when worn with a suit, whereas a sport watch is designed to be big and bold with lots of practical features such as underwater diving resistance or a chronograph.

Below: A typical dress watch and a sports style watch


It is hard to know which occasion is best for wearing a watch; here is our guide to knowing which watch is designed for which occasion using the Mainline Menswear range.

Toy Watch Jelly– Everything about this watch is casual; the colour, the name and the appearance. It’s robust, water resistant and also glows in the dark- making it a perfect accompaniment on a night out with friends or an active day out. The red cherry colour can make even the blandest outfits interesting and would stand out favourably on a white t shirt or light coloured shirt with jeans.


Diesel Franchise Grey Watch– this stainless steel watch has a simplistic design that makes it a great everyday watch, you can wear it to work, for travelling, days out, or for meals out with family for example. It will never look out of place and it will add a touch of class to any outfit you put together.


Diesel Mr Red– this smaller watch provides a great timepiece for a formal occasion; its simple face design gives it the understated look of quality which compliments a suit or a shirt for a special occasion.


Adidas Original Stockholm– this watch is a great casual piece which is ideal to wear with sports clothes for an added touch of style. Its white colour gives it an informal appearance which can rejuvinate  your everyday jeans/basic t shirt look. Just try not to get it mixed up with formal wear for a classic watch-wearing faux pas.


– The Diesel Baby Daddy watch and the Diesel F Stop watches are effective modern day fashion accessories to supplement designer clothes. The unique bezels and face designs are signature marks on a sophisticated piece which will give the wearer an exclusive identity. The White Baby Daddy model has a textured leather strap and leather strapped watches are ideal for casual clothing such as denim, but because of leathers elegant characteristics you could just as well double this up as a dinner watch to wear with smarter clothing.


Do you want your partner to buy you a watch to add to your collection? Or are you simply unsure of which watch to wear for your date this Valentine’s day? This should help decide which is best suited for you. It’s important to have one for every occasion after all.

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