Top 5 World Cup WAGs

Written by Robert | 18/06/2014

Most of us have by now become gripped by World Cup fever as we reach the 2nd week of football in Brazil. But with footballer’s celebrity statuses growing all of the time it isn’t just their on-field action that the press are interested in, and since the 2006 World Cup WAG culture is a phenomenon we have all become familiar with. Some girls consider it a career move now, so today we will focus on the ones with a bit more to offer than just their air-brushed good looks.

Here are the 5 we expect to see a lot more of, as we- and the tabloids- search for an heir to the Posh & Becks’ throne.


Irina Shayk

Partner: Cristiano Ronaldo

Taming the playboy from Portugal who has recently been crowned the best player in the world can’t be an easy feat, but he seems to have met his match in the equally (if not more) marketable Irina Shayk. She is a Russian model who is just about to turn into a film star for the film “Hercules” alongside “The Rock”, Dwayne Johnson. The couple’s superstar credentials are summarised pertinently by the fact they met on an Armani fashion shoot in their underwear- hardly your average “love at first sight” story. They are both known to have influential celebrity friends and seeing as though they are both famous in their own right, it is probably fair to say these are the closest couple to matching the fame of David and Victoria Beckham.




Partner: Gerard Pique

The Colombian pop star hardly needs an introduction having enjoyed a career of over a decade selling millions of hits worldwide. She has been dating Barcelona and Spain footballer Pique for 4 years now and the couple’s first child was born this year. You can expect to see the South American star supporting her man in Brazil too as she is frequently seen at Barcelona’s matches and actually met Pique whilst making the video for her 2010 South Africa World Cup song. She has again made a song for this year’s tournament in Brazil, which again features Pique, who is ten years her junior and it is rumoured that marriage isn’t too far around the corner for the pair, who are loved by the paparazzi.



Sara Carbonero

Partner: Iker Casillas

She may not be world-renowned like the two in this list before her, but Carbonero has been a familiar face in her native country for a while, having established a successful career in the media and sports reporting prior to hooking up with Spain’s number 1 goalkeeper Iker Casillas. She was dubbed “One of the most photographed people at the World Cup” four years  ago after the press turned on her and used her as a scapegoat for the surprise loss to Switzerland, claiming she distracted her boyfriend Iker Casillas. She later vented her frustration on-air about these claims but failed to strengthen her case by interviewing Casillas after their eventual triumph in the final of the competition, as he kissed her at the end of the broadcast. Despite fearing she might have lost her professional integrity she remains a popular broadcaster and a prime example of a WAG who defies the stereotype.



Fanny Neguesha

A.K.A – Mrs Balotelli

This is a topical inclusion because it was announced just before the World Cup that she was engaged to Italy’s highly controversial forward Mario Balotelli. He is one of the most pictured and talked about footballers in the tabloids these days as journalists all over the world try to uncover his colourful personality and private life. He has already had a child with a previous girlfriend and one of the pair’s bust-ups resulted in Neguesha declaring she was single on social media. However, she looks to be the one who has settled the infamously eccentric frontman, who described the moment she accepted his proposal as “the most important yes of my life”. Just like any good WAG, Neguesha is a highly regarded model and was brought up in Belgium, coming from a mixed-race ancestry.



Leah Totton

Partner: Fraser Forster

Forster’s name is somewhat dwarfed by the other footballing powerhouses on this list but it wouldn’t be right if there wasn’t a British WAG on here would it? It is unlikely Forster will see any playing time in Brazil with him acting as Joe Hart’s understudy, but it’s probably a relief for Leah Totton as she is far too busy to fly over and cheer him on anyway. She too has an interesting background and proves that not all WAGs are just a pretty face. She won Lord Sugar’s 2013 TV show, Apprentice, becoming a celebrity personality in her own right after displaying her skills as a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery from university, along with her charismatic and business-minded persona. She has now become an entrepreneur after setting up “Dr Leah”, the cosmetic surgery clinic which deals mainly with skin care and has enjoyed promising early results after a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar’s BBC programme.


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