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Written by Kimberley | 11/10/2014

September can be a warm, dry month and we can still get away with wearing some of our summer wardrobe, but once we step into October, we can’t deny it anymore; winter has well and truly got its grip! We were quite lucky last year and blessed with a mild winter, but it would still be wise to enter this year’s winter season equipped with a suitable winter coat.

A winter coat is a piece of outerwear and therefore covers the majority of everything underneath, which is why it could be an undesirable purchase for some men, especially if it is going to conceal other expensive winter garments underneath. Another snag to a winter coat can be a lack of diversity with image and style, an issue that I can relate to. That one, same coat to wear all winter long can become boring and tired, but it doesn’t have to be like this if you find the perfect coat for you.


Deciding to purchase a winter coat is usually for practical reasons – do you need a coat for minimal exposure to the cold, rain and snow? Or does your coat need to protect you from all the elements? The difference in these two requirements gives a lot away about the type of winter coat you will need to wear and Mainline Menswear can cater for all needs in the case of a winter coat. If your coat is for minimal exposure to winter weather, then you are probably searching for a coat which is on trend, so ask yourself; what length suits me? What colour do I prefer? What is my overall style? On the other hand, if you are in need of a coat for complete protection against bad weather then ask yourself; what weather conditions will I be wearing this coat in? Do I need suitable pockets for storage? Do I need sealed fastenings for extra protection? The answers to these questions should help whittle down your search for your perfect winter coat when looking at the extensive range on offer at Mainline Menswear.

Although there are a lot of winter coats to choose from at Mainline Menswear, the brands make the job a little easier because most of them produce styles that are both practical and stylish. To help you choose the perfect winter coat, I have identified five different styles of this season’s coats to take into consideration.


Waxed Jackets

Waxed JacketIf you have expensive taste and always opt for ultimate quality and style then take a look at Belstaff and Barbour. They are without a doubt the ultimate brands specialising in waxed jackets, incorporating style, quality and practicality all in one jacket. It is really hard to choose from them all but the Roadmaster biking jacket from Belstaff is a classic favourite. The jacket has a hand waxed cambric cotton construction with features such as an additional waist belt, snap fastenings on the placket, cuffs and shoulder and elbow patches for reinforced extra protection, as well as oversized bellows pockets to conceal personal effects without bulk. The Barbour International Apollo biking jacket is very similar, but offers something a little different compared to the Roadmaster, with a classic Sylkoil waxed cotton outer fabric and a waterproof nylon hood which can be concealed within the high funnel neck. Both jackets are perfect examples of the waxed jackets we have to offer on the Mainline Menswear website.

Parka Jackets

Parka JacketFor a casual and comfortable look you might prefer the classic parka jacket. Many of the top brands have designed their own interpretation of the jacket this year, with them all on Mainline Menswear to choose from. The Hackett London Arctic parka jacket stands out from the rest with a warm down filling and a detachable fine mink fur trim to the oversized hood. This jacket has also been constructed for extra warmth and protection with ribbed knit storm cuffs, draw string fastenings on the hood and hem and a twin buckle fastening strap design across the high neck. As well as being easy to wear, matching with almost any casual outfit, most parkas are also very easy to clean and take care of, unlike the waxed jackets, with the majority constructed from cotton.

Quilted Jackets

Quilted JacketThe lightweight, shorter fit of a quilted jacket is a perfect choice for a man looking for warmth without complete protection from the elements. The purpose of the design of the quilting is to create a warm padding without being too heavy or bulky. Antony Morato and Replay are good example brands for the quilted jacket with short fitted bodies. Some of the jackets have hoods and others have standard collars which also makes the jacket a good base for accessorising with contrasting scarves or wearing open with chunky jumpers underneath to avoid a tired and boring look. The quilt can be found in a diamond, square and honeycomb design.

Bomber Jackets

BomberThe bomber is a short waist length jacket with a tight ribbed waist band. Similar to the quilted jacket, it can be heavily padded, quilted or lightweight and can include a hood or a standard collar or neckline. The tight bomber waist band usually defines this look but with a simple design this jacket could also be customised with accessories. Common brands to pull off this style of jacket are Lacoste, Pretty Green and Fred Perry.

Flight Jackets

Flight JacketA fresh new style of jacket was introduced on Mainline Menswear this year and came from the new brand, Alpha Industries – the flight jacket. The design of this jacket is unique, suiting a particular look. It may not be an obvious choice of winter coat for the majority of men compared with the previous styles we have discussed but it certainly has a wow factor. For that cosy, winter look we have a faux leather flying jacket which has a complete faux fur cream lining which is visible on the collar, hem and cuffs. Alpha Industries have also designed a casual flight jacket in the style of a bomber with a tight ribbed waist band and cuffs and a ribbed shawl neck design. This style of flight jacket is in a variety of colours to personalise any look.

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