Brand Focus- Weekend Offender

Written by: Robert Charlton | March 10, 2014.

As a brand which has now reached its 10th birthday, Weekend Offender is an established name in male fashion, with a Great British identity to boot.

From being set up in a small Welsh town in 2014, the brand has achieved continued success and now has its flagship store in London’s Soho.

A brand who in their own words “celebrate UK youth cultures past and present”, Weekend Offender have earned the characteristic of clothing for the sharp dressing lads at bars, clubs and football grounds throughout the country.

Each season, the brand draw upon new influences to design clothing which in their eyes should be “no-nonsense, functional, bold; stylish, playful, assured”. This spring’s new line reveals a collection celebrating some of the brand’s male icons, including: Charlie Sheen, Paul Gascoigne and James Hunt. You can see these printed t-shirts below, along with others dedicated to cult classic TV creations such as The Soprano’s and Breaking Bad.

WeekendOff SHEENWeekendOff HuntWeekendOff Gascoigne

WeekendOff breaking badWeekend Off SopranoWeekend offender mod

Much of the brand’s ideology and DNA is expressed through the designs of each season, which seem to celebrate different marks of culture such as music, film, styles and celebrities. This year the brand has shown appreciation of the mod style, the acid house scene and the Ibiza summer party culture. These influences provide a consistent appeal to young people and keep the clothing vibrant and quirky.

Weekend Offender Summer/Spring look:


Weekend Offender’s reputation has been furthered in 2014 by Pepsi’s endorsement as a clothing choice for this spring’s SXSW festival in the U.S, tying in with the company’s value of musical culture; here are some related items from the brand.


The style of Weekend Offender endears it to a masculine and smart street wear type of consumer which is a mark of the unique male clothing culture it has created. The brand sets clothing into two distinct categories one called Mainline and the other Category A. Mainline is a range designed to be bold and features broad cuts and details such as clandestine pockets- ideal for nights out in clubs or simply to stand out. Catogory A as the name suggests is more of a premium selection, subtle and classy for sharp dressing modern men.

The company’s great rapport with football fans is evident in designs bearing the names popular terrace icons such as Asprilla, Di Stefano, Chilavert, Wanchope and Tevez- to name just some. These references are a unique mark of the brand who relate back to their target audience, and style inspirations like no other fashion label. Their characteristics as a brand are becoming more profound through each passing year, their vision for their future is clear and they continue develop their own niche.

Here is some of the football themed clothing:



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