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Written by Robert | 26/11/2014

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Nearly all of us can admit to having that habit of wearing jeans until they fall to pieces, many of us become comfortable with one pair and end up wearing them day in day out rather than alternate between a few pairs, so understandably it can be quite a big deal when it comes to replacing them.

With Christmas coming up shortly, now is the perfect time to fill up your wish list of jeans and here you can decide exactly which ones are right for you.

Jeans originate from American culture and were originally part of work wear in rural America. Over the years brands like Levi’s have helped reshape this reputation to the point that now you would associate them with popular subcultures instead. Denim seems to have become immune to fashion but styles colours and fits are changing all of the time so it is always worth considering which are selling the best and which brands are growing in popularity.

Wearing jeans is one thing that nearly all of us have in common but it doesn’t mean our styles are similar. They first began to appear during the 1950s and as they grew to become a permanent fixture in popular culture they have naturally undergone many evolutions and re-designs, in recent times it has been all about slimmed down and skinny fits whereas in the past, baggy and casual fits were all people wanted.



This is one of the most changeable trends when it comes to denim fashion but at the same time there are certain types which will simply stay in fashion and of course when it comes to buying a pair that will last it is best to look for these styles. One of those is of course the classic blue of Levi’s because one the one hand they have a broad retro appeal, but also they are simply associated with good quality too.

Dark jeans weren’t really very common when denim first became popular and they are much more of a modern style, but despite this they are still a perennial style these days and they are also perfectly suited to the dark winter season. A dark pair is perfect to wear on a formal occasion or on a in a smarter ensemble- for example with a combination such as brogues, shirt and a blazer. G-Star RAW’s denim treatment process means that the majority of their jeans are made in dark colours and they are one of the brands most synonymous with the darker wash.



Slim- You’ll probably find that this style is the most popular at the moment and it is characterised by being slightly wider at the hip due to them being worn slightly lower on the hip. They are fitted close to the thigh but leave enough of a breathable gap, and usually they leave a gap at the ankle but do not scrunch or collect. They give the wearer a lean and tailored look which is easy to wear in conjunction with multiple footwear choices.

Tapered- The tapered jean is ideal for elongating a short leg as it sits loosely at the waist and thighs before closely fitting down at the ankles.

Straight- You get what you ask for with straight cut jeans and they are very straight forward, it’s hard to make any mistakes with them. It is the original cut and suit most builds.

Loose- The loose cut has waned in popularity over the past few days and it is now more of an alternative style, but having said that it is still stylish looking fit on the right frame, that being usually a slim one, and it is also a great jean to wear with your rugged winter work style boots as part of a modern urban style.

Measured to perfection

The waist measurements should stay consistent from one brand to the next and it shouldn’t matter which fit you opt for either, but if you want to make sure you’ve ordered the right size the best thing to do is first measure your natural waist at the slimmest point with a tape measure in inches and it should match your jean size or if not be slightly smaller. Another important consideration is of course the leg length and this depends on whether you like to wear your jeans with a visible selvedge on show with the hem rolled up you of course should not forget that you need an extra couple of inches to roll up if that is the case.


If you treat a pair of designer quality jeans with care you can get years of wear out of them, it might seem wrong but a lot of experts will tell you the trick to maintaining the colour of your jeans is simply never to wash them. Of course, sometimes it is unavoidable to wash your jeans as they might get muddy or stained, but there’s an answer for this too! Turn them inside out and put them on a gentle cycle to avoid them losing colour. It varies from brand to brand but some will even recommend a cold wash. Bear in mind that jeans usually shrink during the first wash so if you are going to wash them you’ll need to have allowed for enough room for any potential change.


The brands you can trust

armaniG-Star Raw

3301 is probably the best tapered pair of jeans you will find from any men’s brand and G-Star have made it one of their most famous designs over the years. You can find this style in a number of contemporary washes including their specialised raw treatment.


501 original fit is one of the most iconic jeans sold anywhere, full stop.


True Religion

Classic Rocco Slim– The American brand sell a wide variety of vintage style jeans but their black slim Rocco is effortlessly stylish and looks great in a smart ensemble.

Armani Jeans

J06 – A light washed pair of jeans which have been constructed with care.



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