3 Footwear Styles Every Man Should Own

Written by Kimberley | 12/08/2015




Everyone has their very own style but like all garments there are essentials everyone needs. Footwear essentials can be decided on a number of reasons such as fashion, comfort and fit.
Boat Shoes

Typically made in canvas suede or leather with a rubber sole. Leather is not necessarily what you would expect for summer, however the other two fabrics will keep you significantly cooler. So when shopping consider saving the leather design for cooler conditions.

Another advantage of canvas and suede is that they are easily dyed unlike leather, this gives you a much larger palate of styles and colours to choose from. Boat shoes offer the perfect opportunity to inject colour into your outfit. Don’t be afraid to play with pattern either striped or polka dot can be finish an all-white or neutral heavy outfit.

Lastly, avoid toggles and laces even though they have the name of boat shoes you don’t want your feet to look like a flotation device. The ideal pair should fit and feel a bit like a slipper.

Suede Derbies or Brogues

For them formal occasions that require a formal shoe reach for a suede brogue or Derby. Unlike the rigid polish of heavy leather styles are comparatively lightweight and have a plush textural touch that more in keeping with the sunnier season.

One down fall of the fabric is the sensitivity, it is essential to regularly treat the suede regularly with a good spray protector. We would even go as far as advising you to carry a small suede brush with you at all times, this is due to the materials matte quality can cause it easily pick up stains.

Colour selection is key, make sure you choose a pair that isn’t too dark. You will find that black navy and charcoal shades fade much faster. Instead pick a paler colour such as stone, khaki, tan or pastel shades. These colours will work perfectly for a summer wedding.

Both of these styles look their best combined with a sharper summer weight suit, thick white/beige slim cut chinos and trousers linen shirt’s, cotton blazers and tailored shorts.

Stan Smith Trainers

White trainers have to be the epitome of the minimalist style. Low top trainers have been a staple wardrobe garment since the days of Newman, McQueen and Dean.

When it comes to the white model of trainers it has to be Adidas Stan Smiths that sits front and centre. Last year saw the reboot of this iconic trainer meaning it has become the must own silhouette for 2014-15.

Stan Smiths were first designed to be a sports shoe, the trainer entered a lifestyle category long ago. Now it portrays a vintage style. The full leather construction of the shoe has not changed over the years with minimal colour contrasted by the cushioned heel protector which is classically a green patch on the white leather body. The silhouette of Stan Smith appears on the tongue.

Having allegedly sold over 40 million pairs worldwide the legacy of the trainer speaks for itself.


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