A Guide to Buying Suits Online

Written by Robert | 11/05/2015



Online at Mainline Menswear you will now find a comprehensive range of designer suits to buy from prestigious label Hugo BOSS, joining quality formal wear already available by Luke 1977 and Vivienne Westwood.

Hugo Boss is renowned as one of the leading “off-the-peg” suit manufacturers around the world and is noted for quality craftsmanship in all areas of men’s clothing. They are also one of the most popular brands at Mainline Menswear, with three separate labels: Hugo Boss Black, Orange and Green.

The style and quality of these suits is always a premium standard, the problem is you can’t necessarily appreciate those qualities until you have placed your order. So, if you’ve never done that before there’s no doubt some pointers to bear in mind before doing so to guarantee you get what you’ve paid for, and also to customise the fit to your specific needs.


The first and most important rule is to know your measurements. Obviously, the benefit of visiting a professional tailor is that he’ll take your precise measurements to make sure you get the correct size collar, chest, leg length and even inside leg, but that level of detail doesn’t come without added price.

People often think this is the only way to get a suit to fit well but that’s actually a bit of a misconception in the modern day, especially with high quality designer labels. In fact, retailers have spent that long perfecting the fit of their “off-the-peg” suits, that they will rarely need adjusting, and if they do it will likely be a case of getting someone to add a finishing touch such as a nip in the waist.

One thing you don’t get the benefit of with a tailor is the chance to “break in” your suit and let it respond to your body before getting the minor measurements and details adjusted for the real ideal fit. If you buy a suit online you can wear it in for around a month before taking it in for reconstruction.

Another thing to remember is that every brand has its own signature style and fit, so you won’t necessarily get the same results from each.

New Suits

For a man, buying a suit is probably the most expensive clothing purchase you can make, and it will never be the same as simply buying new t-shirts and jeans online. Having said that, the convenience of buying a quality suit at the click of a button is a big draw for businessmen working on tight schedules, men who hate dragging themselves around the shops all day and basically for people who have better things to do with their time. Visiting a tailor takes time, requires appointments and generally takes a fair bit of time.

The range of choice online is something that sets it apart from shopping in stores. Flick between dozens of styles in minutes online as opposed to limited options and much more effort in the shops. Shopping online is mainly about shopping for suits which you are comfortable with, ones by brands you can trust and for conventional styles- so you know exactly what you’re getting in other words.

Hayes Suit – Classic 2-button jacket (slim fit) by BOSS in a new-wool blend with elastane in a plain-coloured design. The notch lapel adds a stylish feature with its delicate decorative stitching as do the kissing buttons on the cuffs. 1 breast welt pocket and 2 piped pockets with flaps keep the focus entirely on a classic style. 2 waist darts at the front and 3 dividing seams at the back ensure a perfect fit. Available in black, grey and navy.

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