Which Accessories Can Liven Up Your Style?

Written by Robert | 06/01/2015

A lot of men might not consider accessories as an important part of their fashion sense but perhaps the ones below can help give an unexpected boost to your appearance this year.


In an age where one glance of our smart phone, tablet, TV, laptop or computer will give us an instant, accurate update on the time, it says a lot about the classic wrist watch’s fashion credentials that we still buy and wear them with the same frequency as ever before. A watch is one of the only “accessories” which you can definitively call masculine, versatile and classy without hesitation. Generally you will get them in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but they will nearly always into one of two categories; either dress or sport. Sports watches are very durable, designed for casual everyday wear and are often made from high quality plastic composites. By contrast, dress watches will most often have a leather strap and a simplistic appearance, missing out features of modern designs such as chronograph technology. The most popular style of watch currently is the smart, metallic one which you might come to expect of designer labels like Hugo Boss. Take a look at some of these watches below from Mainline Menswear in all of the contemporary styles:

Watch selection

Whilst a belt may come as an afterthought for most men in terms of style, you need to have owned a quality designer piece to appreciate the benefit of one to your personal style. You don’t even need to have a lot of them to choose from either- just one for casual and one for formal wear should suffice. Usually you’ll find the rule is thin belts for formal wear and anything wider than the width of two fingers is for jeans or relaxed everyday wear. Dress belts are often shiny, smooth and made of leathers in dark hues such as black, tan or brown. Brands like Ralph Lauren make canvas belts in a multitude of colours, but you’ll find that most casual belts stick to dark colours too and if you are looking for an item which is versatile to many of your outfits, it is best advised to stick to these shades.


Tip: if you want to show off a shiny, high quality belt, you could tuck your shirt into your trousers to make the waistline visible and then finish it by matching the colour of your belt with your shoes for a look which is timeless, effortless and suave all at once. Take a look at a wide selection here.

adidas bag class=”alignnone size-full wp-image-13295″ />From messenger bags, holdalls, rucksacks to satchels, there are a plethora of options when it comes to travelling in style. Don’t be fooled into underestimating their value, they can easily mixed and matched with business and casual wardrobes alike. Find the one best suited to your tastes in the Bag section at Mainline Menswear.

As you may or may not have realised in recent years, head wear is becoming more and more a part of the designer clothing scene. People now collect them in all sorts of styles- take Pharrell Williams for example.

Bowler hats, pork-pies and trilbies have always been associated with high fashion, it is clear to see that beanies, flat caps and baseball caps are also now embraced by high-end designer labels too.

Lacoste has a particularly impressive range of hats which includes a luxury pair of pique flat caps in navy and also white, sitting in the collection alongside a navy cap with the oversized crocodile motif, both have a preppy look to them. 


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