Be Ready To Style Your Movember

Written by Kimberley | 28/10/2015

Will your moustache do its part to raise money for men’s health? November has become the hairiest month of the year for men all around the world. Since 2003 millions have joined the men’s health movement. Raising over £402 and funding over 1,000 programmes all focusing on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health and physical inactivity.

From the same team that brought Movember are bringing Move, Move is the new fundraising scheme to raise funds for men’s health. The challenge is to move every day in Movember, take a short walk, play table tennis or go for an adventurous bike tide no movement is too big or small.


Gender is one of the largest predictors for health and life expectancy. For men this is not good news, the average man’s life expectancy is 6 years shorter than women’s.

Fearfully mental health affects men more than women, three quarters of suicides are men. The world health organisation estimates that 510,000 men globally die from suicide each year, that’s one every minute.

How they bring the changes to men’s health globally?

The foundation has a unique role as a global connector, they bring leading experts together from around the world to collaborate on solutions that will fundamentally change the way men are treated and supported. To be a part of the fantastic work that the foundation does simply sign up to fund raise for your Movember or Move.

  1. Sign up and start clean shaven on the 1st of November
  2. Grow your moustache for the 30 days of Movember or move every day for 30 days.
  3. Raise funds and awareness of men’s health.


5 tips to style your Movember:

Clean & Scrub

Equivalent to the hair on your head your moustache still needs regular cleansing. Daily grime dust and food can easily build up and leave an unpleasant odour. Simply use your regular facial wash to cleanse your moustache.

Shave & Trim

With there being so many styles to choose from maintaining your chosen style is what’s key and will require some precocious equipment. Use a beard trimmer to carefully sculpt your moustache, for those stray longer hairs use manicure scissors to carefully snip and use transparent gel when shaving around your moustache this will make it easier to see where to and where not to shave.

Condition & Hydrate

Facial hair can draw hydration from skin causing skin below your moustache to become dry and patchy. Moisturising this skin can be tricky as you cannot always get to the dry patches, the solution for this is a dedicated beard hydrator.

Comb & Style

After meals free your moustache from unwanted attachments with a comb. Also a comb will ensure facial hair is neat and tidy.

Wax & Style

Whether you decide to wear a complicated moustache style or a more simple it is still essential you invest in moustache wax. If you go for twizzled ends it will keep them in place and ensure you moustache stays neat and styled. Don’t forget it’s only similar to the hair on your head and can become unruly if not tamed.


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