Billionaire Boys Club SS15

Written by Robert | 04/02/2015

The latest Spring Summer 2015 line from colourful street-wear label Billionaire Boys Club is now online at Mainline Menswear. To celebrate the release we are taking a closer look at the brand itself.

BBC- as it is often referred to- is one of the biggest names to hit the youthful urban fashion scene in modern times and is well-publicised as the brainchild of music producer, artist and business man Pharrell Williams, who already has a presence in men’s clothing with his other label, ICECREAM clothing, as well as an on-going RAW for the Oceans project with G-Star RAW.

Pharrell has always been seen as a creative personality in all aspects of his career and despite his recent rise to mega stardom he has been producing some of the most iconic pop songs since as far back as the 90s, working alongside the biggest names in the music industry. It is a similar story in fashion too, because BBC is now ten years old and more of an established company than many people realise.

SS15’s line consists of hoodies, t-shirts and crew neck jumpers kitted out in the brand’s trademark bold use of colour and graphics. Items are usually produced in very limited quantities and their distribution policy is very tight meaning there are only a select few exclusive re-sellers of their products on the market. For these reasons the brand has developed a luxury reputation and they operate in the premium price category.


Williams partnered with Japanese music producer and fashion enthusiast Nigo, a very similar personality to himself, and together they created Billionaire Boys Club. Having already set-up his own successful label, A Bathing Ape, as well as being a big influencer in Japan, Nigo helped as they targeted street-wear and urban city life for the new range they had in mind. Japan is known for exceptional attention to detail and high standards when it comes to clothes manufacturing and they made use of the expertise and craft to begin producing their line from the nation. The country’s influence has gradually become evident on their designs too, with bright animated graphics becoming a recurring theme.


Billionaire Boys Club was created upon the realization that a combination of Pharrell’s status in the music industry combined with his Japanese counterpart Nigo’s notoriety in Asia could carry a lot of influence across a number of cultures and regions and in turn their brand has come to represent an exclusive and luxury lifestyle the world over.

A diverse nature is portrayed by the brand’s unmissable colour-pop logo, featuring a futuristic looking astronaut to reinforce the image. BBC has taken street-wear to the high end of fashion by using quality, technical fabrics and SS15 shows there is no sign of that changing any time soon.

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