Boots for the Autumn Season

Written by Kimberley | 22/10/2015

Throughout the autumn winter season a good pair of boots is key for everyone’s shoe cupboard. We decided to pick our favourite selection of boots to help you decide on yours. Now the colder season has come we find our canvas and boat shoes being put to the back of the cupboard and the leather or suede boots and shoes being brought forward. For those of us who are fashion conscious know only too well that wearing impractical footwear if frowned upon so prepare your feet and keep them on trend.

Boots are based on a garment of practicality, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t also an attractive and very fashionable item to. You can find all types of boots to suit everyone, dress boots, chukka boots, worker boots and trekking boots from the selection everyone is guaranteed to find something to compliment your wardrobe.


Chukka Boots

You now find more brands than ever before are jumping into designing their own chukka boot. This is due to the versatility of this style, these boots can be worn on a day to day basis and worn with a casual or dressy outfit. A lot of people think chukka boots are not hard wearing but now brands such as Timberland have designed their own you can rely on the boots to be durable. Brands such as Ralph Lauren and Pretty Green are very well known for designing the chukka or as they call them desert boots.

Chukka 2

Dress Boots

The best styles of dress boots have to be the brogue boot or the Chelsea boots. Brands that do these styles incredibly well are H by Hudson, Oliver Sweeney and Grenson. These boots ooze sophisticated class perfect to be warn to a Christmas party. You can find a range of colours to match your outfit, tan black or a deep brown.


Outdoor Boots

Outdoor boots are constructed similarly to dress boots however outdoor boots are made to withstand harsher conditions and terrain. Even though these boots are more durable with thicker soles and leather they are still an attractive garment. When it comes to looking for a pair of outdoor boots there always seems more brands to choose from, the brands are favorited for designing these durable boots are Timberland, Red Wing and Palladium.


You can now explore around 80 pairs of designer boots at Mainline Menswear.

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