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Written by Robert | 19/03/2015


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Napapijri is renowned as an outdoor fashion label and their latest technically advanced collection has arrived online at Mainline Menswear. Learn all about the prestigious brand and its latest release below.

Stocked by Mainline Menswear since 2010, this season is the first in over a year to have featured on the site. The new Spring/Summer 2015 range itself features a mixture of t-shirts, polos, hoodies, combat shorts and thin waterproof jackets; all the staples a modern man needs for the mild UK summer.

Ironically, Napapijri’s clothing is suited best for the extreme winter climate and the brand’s name is actually a Finnish word that translates to English as “Arctic circle”. The prominent outdoor image of this brand helps appeal to explorers and adventurers, but they also have a newer legion of fans who like to channel the highly technical outerwear look which has become a popular trend in “streetwear” and contains an element of retro 90s style.

Napapijri’s style could be described as a combination of sport, premium and casual wear, which manages to balance being technically advanced as well as style concious.


Napapijri’s adventure started in 1987 near to one of Europe’s highest peaks, the Mont Bianco, when an Italian designer specializing in travel bags had a vision to transform outdoor apparel, creating a technologically advanced product with a close consideration to style, something which hadn’t really been thought of beforehand. The brand’s bag was a rugged and functional design which became so renowned that the logo itself eventually became a sign of quality in itself, leading to the idea of expanding into clothing.

Napapijri’s logo is a visual representation of the North and South Poles, two of the most extreme climates on the planet and playground to the world’s greatest explorers. Despite hailing from Italy, the brand’s Norwegian flag is used in reference to Europe’s northernmost country because it’s home to some of the most prolific adventurers of the 20th century as well as being a place full of extreme landscapes itself.

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The Skidoo jacket is probably their most recognizable design with its unique “kangaroo style” pouch sitting on the front torso region. The Skidoo is an ideal winter jacket given its warm insulating properties combined with being both lightweight and breathable. The Forest Raincoat– which features in the new Mainline Menswear collection- adopts a very similar aesthetic to that iconic design, although it has been stripped down for use in warmer temperatures. Could it be ideal for this summer’s festival season?

napapijri skidoo jacket

With Napapijri you never have to compromise style for substance.

Shop the collection at Mainline Menswear here

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