British Menswear Icons

Written by Kimberley | 14/09/2015

To celebrate London Fashion week at the end of September we decided to get ready and pick out the best British menswear icons past and present. Taking fashion tips from those in the know can provide you with a contemporary classic and individual look that should achieve the style for you.

  • Benedict Cumberbatch, it’s hard to think of another fully grown man who receives as much female devotion as Cumberbatch and this is all for good reasons. The famous top tip for Benedict has to be “find an accessory you like and wear it a lot” this is something he sticks to himself with the trademark scarf he can be seen wearing on the red carpet, walking the high streets or at a summer festival. The actor is best known for his sharp suits, bow ties and smart casual wear.


  • Tinie Tempah, he is more popular for his cool street look, but can also be the king of formal knowing exactly what to wear for those formal occasions. Revealing he never leaves home without a watch and that a denim shirt is staple for every man’s wardrobe. Tinie Tempah has been described as the most fashionable man in music, it is reported that he has this style to stand out from the crowd and he certainly does. In 2014 he topped the GQs best dressed list and shortly became the ambassador for newly launched London collections.


  • David Beckham the world class footballer, underwear model and style icon really does tick all the boxes. What makes Beckham the contemporary figure that he is, is that he is not afraid to experiment with his look. Often you can find Beckham being the origin of many trends such as the man bun, the gentle man’s buzz cut and the summer pool slider, all these were called first by Beckham. This is one man who really knows his way around a suit, whether he is slipping into black tie or looking sharp in a suit at Wimbledon you can always guarantee Beckhams suit will be tailored to perfection and he will look as sharp as he does on the football pitch.


  • Miles Kane, if being a singer and songwriter wasn’t enough Mile Kane is also one of the most religiously followed stars in men’s fashion history. When looking in Mile’s wardrobe you will find brands such as Oliver Spence, Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry. He is reported to hate modern clothes especially a hoodie, so I am sure you can guess that’s something you won’t find in his wardrobe. Kane has stated that the French musician Jacques Dutronc who was big in the 1960s is a big influence for the way he dresses.



  • Prince Charles the flawless style of Prince Charles is something that even surprises himself. “I’m finding it very hard to live with myself, ladies and gentlemen because someone suggested that I might be an icon of fashion. After 64 bleeding years, I don’t know why” he said. The majority of suits worn by the Prince are Anderson and Sheppard and always fitted perfectly. A keen observer of Prince Charles’s style is Christopher Bailey, the chief creative officer for Burberry stating “The Prince of Wales has impeccable personal style” and we can only agree. The prince’s style marries the traditional British menswear. His easy going manner and his elegance is something that shines in his style with his ability to connect with people through his natural charm.

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