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Written by Robert | 01/04/2015




The clocks have just gone forward to signal the official beginning of British Summer Time and the change in season inevitably means a change in fashion trends too. One of the most noticeable patterns emerging in the designer menswear circuit is the apparent taste for bright “colour pop” clothing.

It might seem like the oldest cliché in the book to suggest that dressing for the summer is about injecting some colour into your wardrobe but a noticeably different aspect to this trend is that both fast-fashion brands and prestigious heritage labels are picking the unconventional items such as shoes to give that colourful treatment to. Consumers are clearly more adventurous than before and the fashion rulebook is being turned on its head.

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For evidence of this new trend in 2015 you need not look much further than the Pharrell Williams’ collaboration with adidas for the Supercolor pack, which has taken an incredible 50 individual colours, adapting them into an exciting new range of the brand’s revered Superstar trainers. The Superstar trainer is widely loved for its simplicity and most often comes in a plain black or white colourway; with Pharrel’s new range more attention is paid to bright “Crayola block colours”.

Ralph Lauren is famed for pastel colours in the summer, in-keeping with their preppy image, however you’ll find this year that their iconic polo shirts and button-ups are available in a selection of unusually bright colours, perfect for channelling the colour pop trend.

Of course, one way NOT to incorporate this kind of style is by throwing on a garish concoction of bright “pop colours” all at once, instead, the trend is geared at creating subtle and interesting contrasts- therefore you could say less is more.

For advice on how best to create this look for yourself, has this advice:

First of all, pick one colour at a time. By keeping everything else you wear neutral and restrained, not only do you avoid any clashing but you also allow the colourful piece to shine. You can do this through a small accent piece which can really add life and depth.

See these examples for inspiration:


Above: Pharrell has created a “colour pop look” with a pair of his own Supercolor trainers, re-create it at Mainline Menswear.

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