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Written by Kimberley | 16/07/2015

Over the recent years it is common knowledge that more people are trying to become active and live a healthier lifestyle. Its seems a very popular way to do this is either surfing if you are lucky enough to be near the coast or skateboarding which is equally as active. Not only are these both fun sports each of them have a unique look, to create the surfer and skater looks it can be just as important.

If you are new to surfing or just wanting to update your look the great news is to get yourself kitted out with the hottest surfer brands it is very easy. More good news is that the stereotypical long haired hippies of the 60’s is no longer the trending look.

Surfing footwear –
After an afternoon in the sea you need something functional and comfy, there is nothing worse that wet sandy trainers! The answer is light weight flip flops, let your feet breathe and the sand dust off.

Surfing clothing –
We know the essential for in the water is the wet suit but clothing on shore needs to been loose fit and comfy to dry off in and to let the sand dust off. The greatest item in an surfers wardrobe is the boardies shorts along with crew neck T-Shirts or Vests.

Surfing accessories – 
The sport involves a lot of time spent outside and hopefully they will be bright sunny days. An essential to be able to look over the surf is a good pair of durable sunglasses.

Skating is a similar look to surfing, it is again a casual look and most importantly about comfort and ease of movement. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on shiny accessories. A plain T Shirt and jeans will do because who are we kidding there will be falls and clothing will get scuffed.

Skating footwear – 
Shoes need to most importantly have a flexible rubber sole and excellent grip to help keep you on the board. Popular brands that meet these needs are DVS, Converse, DC and Vans.

Skating clothing – 
Keeping it casual is key, a popular look is wearing a buttoned down flannel / gingham shirt with a crew neck T Shirt underneath. Good for comfort and to keep warm because we all know we have seen skaters out in all weathers! Jeans are worn tight but still with a lot of elasticity so you can still pull off some tricks, darker coloured jeans are the popular colour of choice teamed colourful shoes.

Skating accesories –
To finish your look a baseball cap is popular, when outside all day you may end up riding into direct sunlight so this is good to ensure a good view.

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