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Written by Kimberley | 09/07/2015

The latest season of Lyle & Scott stock is now available. Whether you are a golf pro or a beginner it is equally as essential to look the stylish and professional on the course.

You think its hard dressing for a night out until you enter a golf course! Most golf courses have strict guidelines on appropriate golf wear, many clubs feel shorts on a golf course are not accepted; and if they are, they have to be tailored and long, some clubs have to have long socks worn with shorts to only show a part of the knee cap. If a shirt is worn it has to have a collar not a roll neck also Denim is a big no no.

Footwear trainers again used to be a big no no but now most spikes are designed to be more fashionable and look like trainers. Most clubs require plastic cleats these days rather than metal spikes as these leave less indent on the green.

History of Golf Styles

Golf has a tradition of producing some of the best and worst dresses athletes in the sporting world. Whilst golf is recognised to be one of the most elegant sports, many golfers seem to be adamant to make the most outrageous fashion statements.

Early golfers in the 1700-1900’s made no effort when stepping onto the course. Wearing kilts and animal skins, this is mainly due to the Scottish Shepard’s who created the event.

By the 1920’s golfers have amended their wardrobes to formal jackets and ties. Unfortunately trousers were still worn tucked into socks.

Thankfully companies like Nike were introduced into the golfing world in the 1990’s. Bringing well cut polos and baseball caps.

Tiger Woods Style Icon

Not only is Tiger Woods a billionaire earner he is a massive style icon. People remember Tiger Woods for his iconic red T-Shirt. Some people say this is representative of his aggressive and assertive play. He is renowned for his brightly coloured polo T-Shirts and always wearing a peaked cap.

To get the exclusive Golfing look you may want to wear patterned sweat shirts, chino styles trousers, colourful polos and peaked hats. Create this look by shopping at Mainline Menswear.

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