Guide of What to Pack for University

Written by Kimberley | 01/09/2015

If you are going to University firstly congratulations! You have done all the hard work to get into in now it is all about to become real and the best years of your life are right around the corner.

Moving into university accommodation can be one of the most stressful and emotional parts of student life. To help you with this we have put together a guide to advice on what to pack. Ensuring you have taken all the essentials will also help the settling down process much easier.

  • Extension lead, student accommodation is well known for never have enough plug sockets, especially when the friends come round and want to charge their phone as well.
  • Storage boxes you will be surprised how much wardrobes and cupboard space you use at home when you have a lack of this at university. So be prepared and take storage boxes, they are also great to quickly tidy into! Always good when friends are coming round.


  • Posters or photos these are great to make the bare walls of university accommodation feel homely, and best of all they cost next to nothing!
  • An extra duvet, paying the bills at university can be a struggle so an extra duvet can come in handy when money is tight also for when friends come over you are prepared to put them on the sofa with a duvet.
  • Coat hangers if you ever get round to collecting the clothes of your floor from the night before it would be easier to have coat hangers, this is not something that halls are guaranteed to provide. Also for those smart outfits for things such as interviews you want to keep them looking the best.
  • Shaver plug adaptor for those of you who like to be clean shaven an adaptor is important as the majority of accommodations won’t have them built in.
  • Basic cookbook, there is only so long you can live off super noddle’s without getting bored, a simple cook book is great inspiration and why not cook for you house mates great way to make friends.
  • Stationery is very important and buying in bulk before you get to university can make it cheaper in the long run also buy lots of cheap pens because they may just disappear.
  • Printer can be helpful when working outside university, but if you do have one be prepared for everyone wanting to use it.
  • Alarm clock to ensure you get up for lectures after a heavy night.
  • Door stop, when everyone is getting to know each other holding the doors back in halls can be a good idea to meet new people when passing.
  • Pack of playing cards is a great idea to use for drinking games before a night out plus it is surprising how much a pack of card can bring people together and create some fun.
  • Radio, DVD’s, Headphones there will be points that you may be in the halls alone so it is always good to have the radio for company and a pair of headphones just in case you have a clash in music tastes with who you are living with.
  • Gadgets the all-important laptop iPad or tablet must be packed no excuses to not get the work done.
  • Kitchen utensils try to check what kind of apparatus the accommodation provides this was you will not be disappointed if you can’t open the baked beans.


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