How to: Wear Plain White Trainers

Written by: Robert Charlton | May 8, 2015.

White trainers are the sort of clothing essential that every man currently owns or at least has had a pair of at some point, and they are a versatile choice of footwear to suit almost any occasion. Looking closely at the current styles available, there is a plethora of ways you can wear them, review them here:

Go back in time and you’ll probably find the oldest style of white trainers is the classic tennis shoe, which itself became a mainstay in fashion and is still present in through the likes of adidas’ Stan Smith, as well as similar styles by Fred Perry and Lacoste– both of whom have a history in the sport. The tennis shoe would have been first seen around the 1930s and perhaps because of this passage of time, the style is seen as a sophisticated and timeless, a shoe which has been worn in countless ways over the years.

Menswearstyle.co.uk: “From standing out and pairing them with that navy suit or going classic and simple by teaming with jeans, these are one of the most versatile things you can own that can be worn all year round.”

Naturally, white trainers are most suitable during the summer season, and with the peak season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to invest in some new essential footwear.

Nearly every brand will sell a white trainer but despite being a simplistic and generic style there is a lot of room for creativity in how to wear them, Fashionbeans.com say: “Given the neutrality of white trainers, you’ve pretty much got free reign when it comes to deciding what to wear them with.”

white trainers

Converse and Vans are great examples of brands who sell reliable white footwear and both are go-to brands for modern day consumers. Converse have high and low top versions which still look great even once they’re a bit beaten up and off-colour. Vans are an ideal summer choice for those who like to go sock-less and wear with anything from chinos, sweat pants and shorts. One widely accepted benefit of wearing white is that it’s easy to combine with any colours.

Nike Air Force One’s are a chunky white trainer with a retro element to them, having first appeared as a basketball shoe in the 1980s era. They became an iconic shoe in that sport and soon after they began earning their stripes in fashion too. They capture the interest of a wide spectrum of consumers of all ages and locations around the world, but today they are best associated with youthful street-wear and vibrant outfit choices. The same could be said of some of Nike’s running trainers from the Air Max 90s to the new Roshe One, which both have pure white silhouettes in the range.

Clean white trainers can have that stand-out quality that can make a dull outfit interesting, and as Esquire say: “Not everyone knows this, but the misunderstood white trainer is a style weapon.” Their neat lines are complemented by the fact they are often relatively inexpensive too. They are easy to replace, buy again and again in the same style each year, because you can be sure the self-same style will still be as popular next year. The benefit is that compared to others, you’ll know exactly which brand, size and design will suit you, and you’ll know how long they’ll last as well as how they’ll feel.

After all, men famous for their sense of style such as James Dean and Steve McQueen were both well known for wearing the plain white trainer and today the same can be said about the likes of David Beckham and Pharrell Williams.




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