How To Wear Suede

Written by Kimberley | 01/12/2015

Suede takes its name from the soft, napped leather gloves made in Sweden for import to France, which quickly became known as gants de suede or gloves of Sweden. Suede gloves are just the start of this extremely versatile material. The great news is that, as more brands embrace suede this means a greater variety of options.

Naturally the versatility of this fabric means there are a huge number of ways to work it into your look. In this guide to wear suede you’ll be introduced to a few of them.


Experiment with Different Textures

Allow your suede jacket room to shine by teaming it over a practical chunky knit jumper. This look beams luxury with its contrasting colors and patterns, the style itself is all about textural interplay between the butter soft suede bomber jacket and the chunky knit jumper. When choosing your combination opting for a neutral color enhances the focus on contrasting textures.


Channel your Inner Cowboy

Taking an image of the typical rough ‘n’ ready American icon and changing into something front row is a simplistic yet effective look, all it takes is teaming your suede jacket with a crisp white shirt.

Wear it Over Tailoring

Combining tailoring and suede is a look that immediately grabs the eye, with its unexpected contrast between the sharp lines of the tailored boxy suit and the substantial silhouette of the chunky collar of that on a suede flight jacket. You will also find many people wearing the jacket thrown over the shoulders in a cape like design, this works extremely well and emphasis the contrasting color and textures.

Keep it Simple

With suede being such a textured material the less is more theory defiantly works here. A stylish outfit can be thrown together with just three garments jeans, shirt and suede jacket. Keep it relaxed and don’t over complicate things with rolled up sleeves and a buttoned down shirt.

Embrace the Dark Side

Suede has the ability to soak up light which lends it a deep blacker than black appearance. This makes it ideal for adding another dimension to the perpetual look. Dark colors don’t have to be boring, wear a bomber jacket in black suede elevates a sportswear inspired look into something sharp enough to turn the head of any passer-by.


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