Boss Green, Boss Orange and Boss Hugo Boss – What is the difference?

Written by Andy | 01/01/2015



Brand Focus

In 1924 in the small town of Metzingen, which is located south of Stuttgart, Hugo Ferdinand Boss or Hugo Boss as we know him better began producing Hugo Boss clothing. However due to the economic climate in Germany was forced into bankruptcy soon after, before rebuilding his business and becoming the official supplier of uniforms to the Nazi Party during the Second World War. After Germany was defeated in the war Hugo Boss was charged with being sympathetic to the Nazi cause and using forced labour, losing him his right to vote, and was subsequently fined before his death in 1948.

Boss’ business survived and in 1985 was floated on the stock exchange with the major shareholder now being the Marzotto Textile Group. The company now produces high end men’s and women’s wear. This brand has made the obvious transition into sports with Real Madrid, Manchester United, Lewis Hamilton and Henrik Stenson all sharing commercial ties with the brand. Mainline Menswear currently stocks the Boss Green Collection, Boss Orange Collection and the Boss Hugo Boss Collection, which leads us onto the main point, what is the difference between these three collections?


Boss Green is the most youthful Hugo Boss collection, which is based mainly around golf and sportswear, pairing classic cuts with refreshing designs in brand new constellations. The Boss Green collection provides the Hugo Boss or fashion fan with fashionable sportswear apparel and sportswear fashions while still carrying high end fashion branding. Boss Green provides some fantastic Hugo Boss polo t-shirts and Hugo Boss shirts with the occasional pair of jeans and a few hooded jumpers finishing off the collection. The ranges of accessories really are worth a good look, as the caps, bags and belts carry much more visible and obvious branding than any other Boss collection.


Boss Orange was released in 1999 and is generally seen as the contemporary trend-driven label within the brand. The Boss Orange collection provides the majority of the Hugo Boss t-shirts and Hugo Boss jumpers for Mainline Menswear, with trainers, shoes and accessories such as wallets, underwear, belts, hats and scarves all making up the rest of the collection. You can’t beat Boss Orange knitwear in the winter months, the Orange label keeps on top of the latest trends from season to season.


Boss Hugo Boss was the first Boss Menswear range to be released back in the early 1970s. This collection offers Boss Hugo Boss fans a versatile range of business, leisure and formal wear that satisfy’s even the most demanding tastes in fashion. Boss Hugo Boss can be found primarily in the Hugo Boss jeans and denims section and the Hugo Boss shirts section, offering a large range of stylish yet formal clothing, all bearing the Hugo Boss signature logo, which is an instant mark of quality worldwide. Today Boss Hugo Boss maintains a classic style with styles that never lose their edge.


So there you have it, the differences between the 3 collections in the brand so huge, yet the three fit together perfectly on Mainline Menswear, so whether you have a passion for fashionable golf sportswear, leisurewear or formalwear, Hugo Boss has a little something for everyone. Look closely and you’ll even notice a special watch and accessories collection with wallets and luxury bags. An extensive collection of Hugo Boss shoes and footwear are also featured.

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