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Written by Robert | 15/05/2015


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Lewis Hamilton is one of the most famous sportsmen in the world, owing to a career at the top of a global sport like Formula One where he has twice won the Driver’s World Championship and earned some of the most lucrative commercial sponsorships in the world.

It is understandable that a man of his pedigree has become such a magnet for interest in the media and the British driver- who grew up in Stevenage- is now equally well known for having dated Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger, for having a keen interest in music and being friends with many high-profile rappers, but also more recently for being a keen observer of fashion too.

Formula One is widely regarded as one of the most glamorous sports in the world and central to that reputation is the glitzy Monaco Grand Prix, which coincidently takes place next weekend on the 24th of May. The principality in the south of France is famous for having more millionaires living there per square mile than anywhere else in the world.

(Below) Lewis Hamilton’s image has changed a lot recently.


One of the millionaires living there is Lewis Hamilton himself, and he will be hoping to win at the track which he calls “one of the greatest in F1 history”, a triumph which would be priceless towards his latest World Title bid, in which he currently sits at the top of the standings.


Hamilton is a prolific user of social media which only adds to his public presence, often posting pictures of his lavish lifestyle from travelling the world, attending award ceremonies and wearing high-end designer clothing.


As a result of being one of the most famous sportsmen in the world, Hamilton can now be considered among the richest too. His career earnings owe to a mixture of success in the car and also an extremely marketable profile in the commercial world too, where he has attracted endorsement from some of the biggest brands in the world such as Hugo Boss among others.

This lifestyle is a far cry from the one he was brought up living though. Most young talents in motorsport come from extremely privileged backgrounds where wealthy families or sponsors fund their early careers which involves extensive travelling and heavy investment into cars, karts and so on. Hamilton earned a sponsorship with British F1 team McLaren at the age of 13, but in order to get noticed his dad took on extra jobs and loans to allow his son to compete at the right levels.

After working his way up through each of the feeder series, including winning the Formula 2 title, Hamilton earned a seat alongside Fernando Alonso in McLaren’s F1 team and won the title there in 2008 before moving onto Mercedes and winning it there too last year, cementing his legacy as one of Britain’s best ever racing drivers.

(Below) Hamilton’s career timeline in pictures.


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