Men’s Hairstyle Trends for 2016

Written by Kimberley | 21/12/2015

The menswear industry is forever growing, similarly so is the grooming and barbering world. Men’s hairstyle is forever changing faster and faster, to find the trends that will be present in 2016 read on.

Textured Quiff

In recent years we have seen different variations of quiffs big or small with a relaxed or structured cut. With this trend the more adventurous you are with a textured quiff the better. With the right products this style can be easy to achieve, it’s about adding depth and life to your hair without it looking too structured and stiff. This look can be achieved by sharp cut especially through the back and sides, leaving a lots of length and height on top. This essentially creates a sophisticated yet natural look.

Man Bob

It seems over recent seasons a lot of men have grown out their hair. Whether you have chosen to wear it down or pulled back in the famous man bun it’s something that seems to be trending everywhere. 2015 has seen the fashionable length to be below the collar bone, however this is changing for 2016 this will be reduced to below the shoulders giving a much neater and sleeker look. This shorter look instantly gives a fuller look all over. When asking your stylist for this cut it is important to ask for textured ends, this avoids it looking to feminine.


Side Parting

Inspired by the 1960s this contemporary hairstyle has been predominant in recent seasons and its staying with us for 2016. For those who have thick hair this style works very well. Most men have a natural parting where the hair will fall one way or the other. Emphasize this by creating a deep side part that is faded and slightly more undercut on one side whilst structured on the other. This can be worn with both longer and short hair, and is appropriate for the office. If you want to create a more sophisticated look, try the same but with wet strong hold hair gum.

Military Esque

Hence the name expect a super short haircut for 2016. This hairstyle is simply keep it really tight and short at the back and sides and crop on top. This style over the years has really stood the test of time. This style is simple and easy to style, however before taking the chop to your mop make sure to consider this style suits those with a structured face shape opposed to with round or square shapes.

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