Most Stylish Men of 2015

Written by Kimberley | 28/12/2015

The British man is best known for mixing it up and creating some of the most original looks you can find in the world. So as you can imagine choosing the most stylish men of 2015 is a tough call. So here’s to these great British men and their unsurpassable sense of style.

Dermot O Leary – Representing a sharp put together tailoring to millions every weekend, Dermot O’Leary shows flawlessly what suits you and what sticking to it pays off. Famously he rocks the three-piece dinner suit like no one else on prime time TV. The prime time TV presenter and ambassador for London collections has made a concerted effort to embrace all things stylish and made himself one of the most stylish men ever to front a TV talent show.




Nick Grimshaw – The distinct style of Nick Grimshaw is recognized all over the world. This not only puts him highly ranking on every best-dressed list, but also makes him a massive ambassador for London collections.










Eddie Redmayne – This mesmerizing young actor manages to make any wardrobe staple look contemporary and stylish. Eddie’s being a true inspiration within menswear is due to his ability to get his outfits so right with a mix of modern casual and perfectly tailored classics. Early on in his career he was a Burberry model and has since become one of the country’s most admired clothes horses.






Tinie Tempah – Popular for his well-known way of pulling of color. He masters the “new-age dapper” and shows that tailoring can be for the younger generation too. The famous rapper and ambassador for London collections will forever be a hit thanks to his unmistakable style.






Romeo Beckham – This chip off the old block is definitely one to watch. He has gone from a “mini-me” of David Beckham style to looking like a young rock god. This year has brought him a few advertising campaigns under his belt, it looks like young Romeo may soon be the Beckham everyone aspires to be.

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