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Written by Kimberley | 04/08/2015


Brand Focus


Mr Rene Lacoste founded the French clothing company in 1933. The brand began by creating sportswear to be worn on the tennis court, now it is a popular high end brand. The brand can be recognised by its famous crocodile logo, this is representative of the fiery on court attitude of the founder nicknamed “the crocodile”.

Lacoste footwear is one of the largest parts of the brand again designed first for the purpose of tennis court wear. The new seasons footwear features sport trainers and casual day to day wear such as shoes, flip flops and plimsolls.

Autumn Winter 2015 Footwear :

Brand new Lacoste Randle Flip Flops feature a canvas thong with the signature Lacoste Crocodile logo embroidered onto the out step. A solid foam sole in a striped design coloured black white and red. This new design is made to provide comfort and keep the foot cool and secure with the thick strap and textured under sole to provide grip.

Lacoste Amphtill Mid rise trainers in Dark Tan Brown are full lace fastening, have a dark brown leather ankle cushioning and dark tan leather tongue. The signature Lacoste Crocodille logo features on the tongue and on the out-step of the shoe. The interior has soft while sherpa fleece and under-sole is gum brown. These trainers have ortholite performance insoles to provide comfort from the inside out.

The Lacoste sport active light trainers are full lace fastening. The instep and out-step are sealed with rubberised tape to reduce damage to trainers for sports purpose. A woven pull on loop on the back of heal allows ease of putting the shoes on. The signature logo features on the out-step of the shoe. Inside the shoe ortholite performance insoles provide comfort inside and outside. The under-sole is made from part grey and part white rubber to again provide comfort for sport performance.


Lacoste Sevrin 8 SRM Leather shoes in Navy have navy panelled premium leather uppers with brown lace to fasten. Dark brown heel panel with navy and green embroidered stripe detail either side. The signature logo again features on the out-step but this time made from metal and the Lacoste brand name on the navy leather tongue. The white sole has a single green stripe and green under-sole. Similar these shoes have ortholite performance insoles to provide extra comfort.

All styles of Autumn Winter 2015 Lacoste footwear can now be found at Mainline Menswear.


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