New Year, New Suits

Written by Robert | 02/01/2015

Brand new to Mainline Menswear in 2015 is the beautifully crafted range of Luke 1977 suits in a number of individual styles and colours. Now could be the ideal time to think about smartening up your act with some of the most up-to-date styles before the Spring/Summer season when there is expected to be a few more two-pieces arriving to add to the growing collection.

A good quality, well-fitted suit is invaluable to any man’s wardrobe as he might need to pull it out on a number of occasions throughout the year such as: a wedding, horse racing, parties, business and endless other days-out.

The benefit of buying one of Luke’s new designs is that the label has a proven pedigree in contemporary men’s fashion- you can be sure they will always be up to date with current trends. You don’t even have to buy the whole suit in one, you can actually choose between 5 blazers and 4 different trousers and potentially mix and match to create your own custom look. Among the blazers you can choose from there is a stylish green tweed, charcoal wool and three other classics in navy or grey. Trousers come in a choice of navy, grey or black and are generally quite a slimmed down, youthful fit.

Naturally you will be needing a few more accompaniments to finish off your impeccable new suited look, a slim tie or a clip on bow tie can both be utilised in these versatile outfits. A sophisticated dress watch and a pristine leather wallet should top the list items you need to go with your new suit. Other items can’t be ignored either though such as some polished leather shoes or brogues- depending on preference- and a slim dark belt to avoid looking scruffy once you tuck that shirt in.

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