Nike Air Max 90 – 25th Anniversary

Written by Robert | 19/05/2015

One of sportswear giant Nike’s most successful designs of all time celebrates its 25th anniversary on the market this year. Amazingly, the Air Max 90 is still one of the most popular silhouettes in their vast repertoire, so in recognition of the milestone they have unveiled a special capsule collection of 6 limited edition versions, as well as a re-release of the OG infrared version, which is widely regarded as the best ever colourway in this shoe, and the one most commonly associated with it. The new version has been re-created in suede and mesh panelling, sitting on an extreme cushioned sole with the same white and vivid orange colours. Alongside this release, the 6 other versions in the new capsule collection are all adaptations of the same infrared colourway, though made in a series of unusual premium materials such as cork, velvet and various prints such as snakeskin and paisley.


Nike started as Blue Ribbon Sports in the United States around 1964, importing other brand’s footwear to the country before becoming Nike at the turn of the 70s and focussing on creating their own products. Primarily focused on athletic performance shoes and apparel, they have grown to become one of the largest providers of these goods in the world since then.

Air Max 90 was originally called the Air Max III until 2000 when the shoe was renamed to reflect the year it was created. It was the third shoe in the ground-breaking Air Max series which was known for a visible air bubble in the midsole and also as one of the most technologically advanced running shoes of its time. The air bubble changed the way that runners would look for their shoes, it was a visual reminder of the cushioning and comfort they were getting from their shoes. Even as the years have gone on and the Air Max 90 has become redundant as an elite running shoe itself, the legacy it’s left is so strong that it remained as a shoe people wanted to wear casually. The man who designed them, Tinker Hatfield, said the futuristic Air series was inspired by his trip to Parisian Centre Georges Pomopidou and its “inside out” design. Part of its notoriety comes from the vivid colourways it has been adapted for over the years such as the infrared itself, also for being seen on the feet of some of the biggest musicians, film stars and athletes alike.


In more recent years the Nike Air Max 90 has become a figurehead of the retro running shoe movement which has a huge youth following; the brand even now celebrates an annual “Air Max Day” to celebrate the anniversary of the first Air Max shoe.

The popularity of the Air Max 90 shoe has never waned and it has been re-created in a plethora of colourways as a result. At Mainline Menswear there are 8 individual colours, including a “sneakerboot” version and varying finishes such as suede outers. View the full range below or shop the collection here.

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