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Written by Robert | 13/04/2015



A brand new footwear design by Nike for Spring Summer 2015 has arrived at Mainline Menswear. The Nike Free Socfly is an ultra modern silhouette which is designed to push the boundaries of both style and technology.

The design bares resemblance to the recent Lunar Fly 306 which is billed as the perfect slip on shoe for an active lifestyle, however it also acts as a continuation of the theme Nike first explored in the late 80s with designs such as the Sock Racer and the Sock Dart which focus on a lace-less sock-like level of fit and comfort.

socflys at mainline menswear

Socfly is almost exactly what the name suggests, and the shoe feels light enough as if to make the wearer’s feet seem weightless upon use. The Socfly also has a more of an all-round appeal than its predecessors, a single strap replacing the laces makes it one of the most prominent slip-ons in the current Nike trainer repertoire. In a touch that is similar to the Nike Free Run, the innovative sportswear company has added a 3.0 flexible sole unit, which is used in their athletic footwear to help a runner measure or discover their preference in terms of how firm the sole unit is.

Nike’s obsession with developing this side of performance training shoes came when they discovered athletes at Stanford University used to train barefooted on a golf course. In an age where plenty of technological shoes were on the market they set about utilizing this perceived gap that had appeared. It might seem impossible to beat the comfort of a bare foot but Nike set about this audacious task by using pressure measuring insoles and cameras to capture images of the feet in motion during a test conducted on real athletes. They spent eight years on this research of the shoeless running bio-mechanics and as a result they have gradually created running shoes such as the Free Run, Roshe Run and now the Socfly, which have all been utilised in everyday wear too.

free soccfly pink

Brand new and online now, the Socfly is available in two colours, a pink/grey blend and a monochrome black. In appearance, there is a clear resemblance to the Free Run with a one piece mesh upper and distinctive grooved soles, but overall the shoe amalgamates many features of the label’s key designs of recent years.

Perfect for the summer months ahead, Socfly offers the best of both worlds in the sense that it combines casual slip-on comfort with technical aspects such as the 3.0 sole, making it perfect for jogging, heading to the gym, or simply enjoying a casual and active lifestyle. The added bonus- which comes with many Nike shoes- is that it has a sense of style which is aligned with the latest fashion trends too.

Previous iterations have been quite bold in appearance, making use of bright colours and heavy branding- such as the “Just Do It” strap on the Lunar- but Socfly has a much more subtle appeal, one way to wear it is like in the picture below, with jeans and a mac, but it could be done in many other ways, including with shorts and other summer items.

nike socfly

Benefiting from a simplistic appearance, these trainers aren’t exclusive to any one look and the all-black model is especially good for everyday wear given that it will age well, not showing many signs of visible dirt collecting.
socfly black look

Special Features

– “Updated with flex groves for natural motion.”

– Hoop and loop fasten for a secure fit.

– No sew mudguard wraps around the shoe for extra durability and protection.

– Mesh upper for breath-ability.

– “Phylite midsole doubles as outsole for reduced weight.”

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