Pretty Green: New SS15 Collection

Written by Robert | 06/03/2015

Hoards of new Spring/Summer clothing has been arriving online at Mainline Menswear this week and one brand with an eye-catching new collection is Pretty Green, the label fronted by famous Oasis singer Liam Gallagher.

Named after a record by The Jam, Pretty Green aims to unite people with a combined love of music and fashion. In their own words:

“Since the birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll in the late 1950’s, British street culture has been influencing fashion and music worldwide. Pretty Green has an authenticity born of a deep understanding of that culture and the things that make it relevant today.”

pretty G campaign

After launching in 2009 they’ve reinvigorated vintage styles from the 1960s and 70s era and their use of the paisley print is one of the enduring memories from recent collections, something which was associated with The Beatles and the days of their Magical Mystery Tour when they wore kimonos and oriental, paisley-clad suits.

Shooting their new campaign in the UK’s spiritual Mod home of Margate demonstrates how the subculture has inspired the brand and their models actually bear a passing resemble to the cast of “Quadrophenia”, the iconic Mod-inspired film. Fred Perry have also referenced the seaside town of Margate in their clothing of late and it has become abundantly clear there is a market for these types of retro styles in today’s fashion scene.

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Stand out pieces from the new collection includes the Seaforth jacket and the Deansgate Fishtail Parka, nodding towards Gallagher’s own roots in Manchester, the home of “Northern Soul” back in the day and famous music venues such as Salford Social Club and Haçienda Nightclub. This golden era of music was before even Oasis’ time, but it has always been a key inspiration to founder Liam Gallagher’s personality and it offers evidence of his own unique input into this brand.

The Seaforth Track Top- as seen at Mainline Menswear- combines casual street style and sportswear for a modern, contemporary look. Features an all over subtle paisley print, finished with ribbed hem, cuffs and collar. The Seaforth is a great layer piece for SS15.

seaforth look

Pretty Green has two labels: Green and Black, the latter has more evidence of contemporary influence on designs with a high quality tailored element whereas Green is more focussed on nostalgic elements of fashion. The everyday Pretty Green customer is a bit like a Doctor Martens consumer or a Fred Perry one in that they aren’t so bothered about fashion trends and are more concerned with classic, strong and simple styles with high quality fabrics and construction.

New artistic additions, including a custom leopard camouflage print, paisley motif and bold graphic t-shirts- designed by the brand’s resident artist- are all new for SS15 and show a bolder side to the Pretty Green look.

pretty g fashionable

Proof that the brand’s concepts are appealing to the world of fashion is in the fact that their stores are multiplying nationwide as well as overseas. They are particularly strong in the Asian market and they are opening their first US stores this year too with the hope of expanding there.

In its short existence Pretty Green has already become a prominent source of stylish footwear designs with the desert/chukka boot from previous seasons, but this term they have introduced more new silhouettes such as the driving shoe in eccentric leopard prints or the flat seam shoes in a choice of two colours.

Gallagher often claims he’ll only sign off clothing for production if he likes them himself and that he isn’t bothered if people do or don’t like them that’s up to them. Judging by the initial reaction to it, he is right to trust his instincts.

pretty green get the look


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