Stone Island SS15 Preview

Written by: Robert Charlton | January 21, 2015.

Stone Island have released their traditional season preview video look book, offering a glimpse of the latest collection for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2015 campaign which you can expect to find very soon online at Mainline Menswear.


The Italian brand- created by Massimo Otsi in 1982- is famous for a technical approach to creating new clothing and this time the materials are dense, ultra light and natural all in one. Dyeing has always been a strong part of the brand’s DNA since the days of the Casuals movement and Britpop when the label was earning notoriety. Today their methods are still true to that reputation as they showcase a variety of fading, prints and reverse effects on their outerwear which is traditionally made using exclusive fabrics in a mix of technical and natural materials.

Since Carlo Rivetti took control of the high-end label in 1993 the brand’s meticulous methods of research have stepped up a gear to make sure each season is a progression from the last. Their recent use of nylon filament fabrics with thermo-sensitive qualities is direct evidence of their hard work.

A handful of the new season’s garments are already online at Mainline Menswear, with more expected to arrive in the coming weeks. Check out some of them here:

Stone Island ss15 items

Jackets, sweats, jeans and polos are all going to feature in the new collection, take a look at the preview look book below.


About Stone Island 

Created as an off-shoof of C.P. Company, the brand aimed at innovation has now created more than 40,000 different designs. Their first products were experimented with vigorously to soften them and give a luxurious texture, since then they have made it their niche, creating fresh dyeing methods at high temperatures and pressures. This allows them to achieve a quality of colour which isn’t usually associated with technical products.

The study of military uniform and workwear remains a key part of the design process and the focus has enabled them to make outerwear which is both functional and fashionable. One of their most distinguishable characteristics remains the compass patch that appears on the left arm of their outerwear and knitwear.




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