The Rise of the Man Bag

Written by Robert | 07/05/2015

The mere mention of a “man bag” might have prompted laughter as little as ten years ago, but today it seems like the idea is finally winning over even the most masculine of men.

In fact, according to a survey done by One Poll of 2000 adults, 55% said they would not be afraid to carry around a man bag for their belongings on a daily basis.

Traditionally seen as a feminine product, evidence that attitudes are changing coincides with the rise of the so-called metrosexual male, a term coined by the press which is often used to describe the style of stars like David Beckham, Kanye West and Cristiano Ronaldo who aren’t afraid to flout the rules of traditional divides between male and female fashion.

And you might wonder what a man could possibly need one for. Well, according to the same survey an average bag contains a value of up to £880, which could be made up of essentials such as a mobile phone, wallets, laptops, tablets or headphones.

Many appreciate that it is a much safer way to carry around belongings than the traditional back pocket method. The survey also believes that 1 in 14 of those men polled already had a bag because their partners complained to them about carrying around their belongings.

A result of this clear trend is that many more men are buying them and many more brands are making them.


But where to start if you’ve never had a bag before or indeed feel uncomfortable choosing one? Well, if you’re the type of guy who likes to keep it simple and unfussy then a sports theme is good to look for, with strong practical qualities and rugged strength. Ralph Lauren’s back pack is a good choice in this situation, as would any of the other rucksack styles in the range, perfect for a commuter or traveller who will want something stylish and practical in equal measure.

For something a little more fashion forward and street ready you might be more interested in the over-the-shoulder bags by brands such as Ted Baker, Hugo BOSS and Armani to name but a few, these will also be ideal for jetsetters who frequently fly and travel.

For holiday makers there are wash bags, holdalls, and barrel bags, perfect for throwing in all of the essentials, and for those heading to uni, college or work the satchel bags are readily available from many top labels.

All in all there are bags for all different types of lifestyles and interests from camera bags to business bags and even small pouch ID bags. Shop the full range at Mainline Menswear here.


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