The Rules of Men’s Bags

Written by Kimberley | 27/10/2015

For many people the thought of having to choose a bag to suit their style is hard and daunting. With over 80 styles of bags you are likely to find the one for you. A lot of men feel the problem with bags are that they feel feminine carrying one around, however they do want to use one for practicality reasons. This can be solved by choosing the right bag for your style. Here are four different styles of bags all fool proof and extremely suitable for the fashionable gentleman.

The Holdall / Duffel Bag

The duffel bag has to be the most versatile bag that can be used in all situations. Those who enjoy a weekend away, for the gym goes who like to keep their kit close to hand, or just a smaller second wardrobe for those of us who are always on the go.

Pick a bag that is preferably medium size and leather instead of canvas as leather is more versatile and will ensure you can match it with any outfit.

Duffel Bag Collage

The Brief Case 

The briefcase is something that can be daunting to a fashionable business men. But don’t worry the briefcase is being revamped they are sleeker, slimmer and less box like. Many are now also designed to look less business like which is an advantage for the fashion gurus.

Breif case collage

The Messenger Bag 

The messenger bag is one of the sleeker bags and perfect for the man on the go. It’s a medium size bag and can be worn over the shoulder to keep the wears hands free. The range of messenger bags is much more diverse in colour, size and material this means it can be worn with all different types of outfits.

Messenger bag


The Backpack

It is very true that style goes in cycles and the current cycle is supporting the backpack. Minimal and simplistic allowing you to be hands free, it’s the ideal choice for the stylish student, casual man or everyday bike rider. Why not mix your style up even more with all different shapes, fabrics and colours to choose from.

Backpack collage


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