Ways to Master Black Tie

Written by Kimberley | 15/12/2015

Even though black tie is regarded as a uniform, it can be adjusted to be more comfortable personal and eye catching. For the best example of this we can turn to Mr David Beckham, who’s efforts we applaud.

Key details to look for are the shape and fabric of the lapels, if the jacket is double or single breasted and if the pockets have flaps or not. Keep reading to find out how to master black tie this season. You never know once a tux feels right you might even want to wear it more often.

How to Spot a Quality Jacket –

Investing in something that fits you well and is made to fit you improves your look immediately. The best part about black tie is you only wear it a handful of times a year yet it will still last for decades. With a dinner jacket it is all about the small details that make a massive difference. The fabric used on the lapels should match the braiding on the trousers and ideally the button fabric. Grosgrain silk is considered more elegant than satin.


Consider Velvet –

The trick when choosing a velvet suit is wear something that fits really well. A lot of people like it because it adds a vintage look. If you do choose velvet you should wear smart black trousers, not a whole velvet suit.

Embrace double breasted & Three piece suits –

You can wear double breasted dinner suit; however, you have to be prepared to have it done up all evening. If you undo a double breasted jacket it hangs and look scruffy. A waist coat is a great alternative to the cummerbund. A black tie waistcoat should be a different shape, more scooped like a horseshoe, this is to show of the pleats of your shirt.


Chose the right lapel for you –

To get it right and play it safe you should have a peak lapel. You can choose a shawl lapel, but that can either flourish or fail massively if you get the proportions wrong.

One thing for sure is that a notch lapel should never be on a dinner jacket. If you buy or hire a cheap jacket its likely to have a notch lapel. This is because it will have been manufactured in a factory where they churn them out with the same block for business suits and dinner suits. A peak lapel gives a suit that special touch, and if you aren’t the most athletic guy it is great for drawing the eyes onto the shoulders and will accentuate that V-shape you want from a well-tailored suit.

The right shirt to wear –

The rule of thumb is it should always be a turned down collar, a wing collar is for white tie. The front bib should be pleated or Marcela. If you choose pleats be careful to not end up with the seventies ruffled look. Neat tight pleats should be what you are looking for on a shirt.

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