Which Brand do Celebrities Love?

Written by Robert | 05/03/2015

A lot of people are inspired by the style of certain celebrities and aim to replicate their look, but you may be surprised to find out which brand has accumulated an impressive raft of famous fans of late. In the age of social media its easier than ever to keep up to date with what your favourite high profile figures are wearing, and one of the designer brands that often gets tweeted and instagrammed about is Crooks & Castles.

The American brand is considered as one of the most prominent in the upcoming premium streetwear clothing scene- if there is to be such a thing- and celebrities can’t get enough of their ever-changing designs and deep rooted Hip Hop associations.


Favoured by DJs, rappers and actors alike, Crooks & Castles shows it resonates with the young urban talents of today and its the sort of high-end brand which goes against the grain and isn’t too pretentious, earning fans from a wide variety of backgrounds, but especially the international music scene.

Founded in Los Angeles and inspired by the vibrant West Coast lifestyle from the 90s onwards, the brand creators Dennis Calvero and Robert Panlilio claim they’ve always considered the “bad guys” to be cooler, saying: “Behind every Castle stands a Crook. Meaning behind every Empire, someone did something crooked to achieve their goal. Castles represents our goal, for every street hustler, entrepreneur, or mogul. We’re all crooks in some way, some just choose not to show their true colour.”

The brand’s latest SS15 line is now online at Mainline Menswear and it features primarily a black and white colour scheme, consistent of their overall style in the past couple of years. T-shirts, hoodies and other relaxed styles are typical of the range which has been named “The Ruling Elite“.

Other wearers include superstars like Jay Z, Justin Bieber and Drake.

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