10 Trainer Rules

Written by Kimberley | 01/04/2016


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trainer From strictly sport shoe to fashion staple. The trainer has rapidly made its way from the street to the boardroom and can be found on the feet of everyone from pop stars to presidents. Even with this popularity there are rules. These 10 rules will show you how to wear trainers in almost any situation.

  1. Keep it Simple

Don’t underestimate the power of clean minimalistic. For an elegant look, restrict your color choice to white, black or brown.

  1. Choose the Right Trainer

You can find trainers in every variation you could every dream up. From neon to leopard print they have all been created. The first this to consider is what would suit my wardrobe? When choosing think the more timeless the design the easier it is for your shoes to cross over from casual to a business outfit.

  1. Invest in Quality

If you want your sporting shoe to transition into a formal look, high quality leather and workmanship are essential.

  1. Opposites attract

There is no other shoe that embody urban cool. This is why you can pair an elegant opposite, a sharply cut blazer and tailored chinos, a modern trench coat. Both will work perfectly with low key sneakers.

  1. Show off Some Ankle

An important detail for spring summer is leave your socks in the draw and show some ankle off.

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  1. Have white in your collection

White is the color of lightness and freshness; this is perfect for this season. If you want elegance from a trainer go with cream or grey.

  1. Complete Your Look

Match trainers with carefully selected leather accessories. Leather adds texture to an outfit and style.

  1. Adapt trainers to work shoes.

It only used to be acceptable to trainers in the office on a Friday. But now you can find them worn in business meetings. So make the most of this. If you want to attempt this and ear trainers with tailoring the tailored ferment should have a slim silhouette. The ideal trouser length should end just above the ankle.

  1. Take care

Keep your trainers in the best condition. Invest in good care products and shoe trees this prevents them becoming creased.

  1. Know when to ditch trainers.

Lastly but still importantly, in occasions of strict dress code such as black tie trainers are still a no-no. So give them a break and put your shoe trees in.

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