Mainline Meets – Psycho Bunny

Written by: Kimberley Sandford | December 13, 2016.

Mainline Meets – Matt Kay, UK Brand Manager, Psycho Bunny

As part of our YouTube ‘Mainline Meets’ series, we traveled to the London head offices of Psycho Bunny to talk with their UK Brand Manager, Matt Kay. Here’s what he had to say:


Mainline Menswear: Can you give us some background of the brand – Where did it all start?

Matt Kay: Psycho Bunny is a New York based brand, it was founded in 2005 by Robert Godley and Robert Goldman. The brand started off focused on high quality neck ties and accessories. Both the brand and the logo was received incredibly well, the product evokes emotion, starts conversation and promotes a unique mindset and lifestyle – and as a result, Psycho Bunny progressed from making fine accessories to a single classic polo shirt in the finest Peruvian cotton. Today it is now a full lifestyle brand.

MM: Can you tell us more about Robert Godley and Robert Goldman, especially their fashion backgrounds?

MK: Robert Godley is from Kent in the UK and his background is in fine accessories and neckties having worked for Drakes of London and Ralph Lauren as director of neckwear before linking up with Robert Goldman – a third generation tie maker from New York.

MM: How was the iconic logo developed and what does it represent to the brand and your customers?

MK: The Psycho Bunny logo symbolizes balance in life and represents individuality & adventure. The skull and crossbones combined with the ‘happy go lucky’ bunny represents a rebelliousness and spirit for risk, reward and freedom.


MM: From where the brand has come from and how successful it has been; how do you think the brand will develop in the future?

MK: The brand has grown year on year since its launch in 2005 and in 2016 a new partner has joined who is heavily invested in expanding into new categories and markets.

The main line we carry is the iconic polo shirt – Can you give us an insight into the manufacturing process of the garments.

There is a huge focus on quality. When expanding from neck wear to knitwear, the benchmark was set incredibly high for the finest yarns, fabrics and techniques. All of these things were found in Peru.

We understand quality is pivotal to the brand, how do you ensure every product is of the high quality that Psycho Bunny expects it to be.

The core polos and t shirts are all made from the finest pima cotton from Peru. The Suppliers and factories are part of the Psycho Bunny family and work hard to produce the finest garments. Psycho Bunny is committed to delivering quality and every step of the process is supervised, whether it be the mother of pearl buttons or the 5000 stitch embroidered logo. We lifestyle test the products to ensure they continue to deliver long after purchase.

MM: How do you see Psycho Bunny evolving with the ever changing trends of the fashion industry?

MK: Psycho Bunny is dedicated to following its own fashion and will continue to bring new and compelling styles in the finest fibers available. Psycho Bunny follows the mantra of producing traditional items of clothing, figuring out how to improve them and adding the Psycho Bunny edge.

MM: Are there any products or trends in the coming seasons which we should be looking out for?

MK: We continue to look for new and innovative fabrics that fit with the Psycho Bunny image. We are currently developing and testing stretch fabrics for comfort and ease of movement.

The full video interview with Matt Kay will be online soon, so you can check out some of the products he’s talking about in more detail, and get a glance into where the brand is set up. You can shop the full Psycho Bunny range we stock here.




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