5 Men’s Style Mistakes

Written by Kimberley | 09/06/2016

Everyone’s style is different and everyone makes mistakes. Saying this there are common mistakes that can be avoided. We have highlighted the 5 style mistakes that men regularly make. Avoid these and you’ll be onto a good thing.


Style Mistakes

  1. Suit Jacket to Big

The most common style mistake we see is suit jackets and blazers not fitting correctly. Wearing a jacket or blazer one or two sizes too big is not ok. The most important thing about buying this garment is how it fits your shoulders. Tailors are able to fix the length of the jacket, sleeves and how it fits your torso. However, if the shoulders don’t fit correctly there’s not a lot you can do.

Getting the right shoulder fit… the jacket should be as wide as your natural shoulder width. Sleeves should meet where your arm meets your shoulder and from there the fabric from the seam should immediately flow straight down. A sign that the jacket does fit is divots or bunching in the arm.

  1. Novelty T Shirts

We get it you can be the most intelligent smart business man and just want to show your inner child via a novelty T shirt. Well this isn’t cutting it anymore. Leave the T shirts alone. It’s time to grow up.

  1. Poor Quality Footwear

Shoes speak a lot about your style. A well-made pair of shoes shows a guy cares about his appearance. When shopping for footwear consider well-made footwear stands out and last much longer. So don’t scrimp buy quality instead of wasting money on the square toed version.

  1. Trousers to Long

One of the most inexpensive tailoring fixes is getting your trousers hemmed. So get it done, it also shows you have put thought into your appearance. The same goes for jeans, the frayed jeans dragging under your trainers was never cool. Not even in collage years. Get them hemmed or roll them up.

  1. Stitching left in a suit Jacket vent

This is a simple mistake of not knowing you had to. The vent on the back of the jacket or blazer is stitched together to preserve the shape of the garment. Once you get it home remove this stitch. Also the breast and side pockets if these are stitched.

Now you know the 5 style mistakes to avoid why not add to your wardrobe and explore the Mainline Menswear website.


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