5 Ways Women Want You to Dress

Written by Kimberley | 22/03/2016

Being well dressed for your women isn’t hard guys. But if you aren’t one for listening to her subtle hints here is a simple guide that outlines the garments women love you to wear.

To begin ditch your white socks, tatty old trainers and stained hoodie. We have chosen 5 items that are favoured by women and fool proof. Wear these walking into a bar and we are sure that heads will turn. But I am afraid we can’t help with the chat up lines that is down to you.

Dark Straight Leg Denim –

Both smart and casual these are a wardrobe staple. If you roll them at the ankle extra points for you. To create this look, explore this range of straight leg denim. Team your jeans with a pair of ankle boots for the complete look.


Flannel Shirt –

The secret behind loving a flannel shirt is women want to steal it. Another smart casual look that women admire. Find the flannel shirt for you now.


Tailored Suit –

There is simply nothing more attractive for a woman than a guy in a well-tailored suit. Lots of men are under the impression that an expensive suit isn’t necessary. Well we say it is, a well-tailored suit that is cared for will last a life time. So begin searching for the suit for you now.


Aviators –

Because summer is approaching we had to include a look good item for the season. Aviators look good on practically anyone so we are sure you can pull them off. Prepare for summer with your pair of aviators.


Desert Boots –

To women these show you know your fashion. A smart pair of desert boots can be worn with both jeans and chinos. Perfect for the summer these lighter boots are a catch with the women. Chose a wide range of desert boots to dress your feet in this summer.


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