Autumn Winter Essentials 2016

Written by Kimberley | 09/11/2016

At this time of year, staying warm should be your number one priority. Thankfully, Mainline Menswear have a huge variety of winter essentials that can help you stay stylish in the snow with everything you need to stay warm from head to toe.

Keeping all bases covered, Mainline have an extensive range of high quality branded clothing from hats and scarves to socks and shoes. Below are a few essentials we think you’ll appreciate when the weather turns…


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Whilst it is in fact a myth that most of your body heat is lost through your head, a hat will still sheild you from cold rain and winds – not to mention the bane of numb ears. With this in mind, this Barbour fleece lined trapper hat is specifically designed to keep your head and ears cosy in the autumn chill. Alternatively, if quirky bobble hats are your taste then perhaps this chunky rope knitted hat is more your style – it will keep you warm whilst adding a touch of character to your winter outfit. If you’re looking for something of simpler taste, a regular black beanie is a great choice – they’re simple, go with everything and are practical. This CP Company Beanie is great – it’s chunky, it’s wool, it’s warm.



King of practical winter wear accessories, a scarf is key for the winter-autumn months; not only that but they’re extremely fashionable. Whether casually draped over your shoulders or wrapped snugly around your neck and tucked into your jacket, scarfs are very versatile and can accommodate for any severity of weather. This Fred Perry bomber tipped scarf fits the bill for any occasion being that it’s a sleek black with a grey and white striped design on the ends, allowing the scarf to be worn both smart and casually. Another choice, this knitted navy Hugo Boss scarf would go great with a more casual outfit and has the signature dark metal BOSS Orange logo tag, so you know it’s great quality.



I’m a sucker for a good jumper, and in my honest opinion you can’t beat a roll neck in winter. They’re usually made of thicker material as well as keep more of you covered and this Lacoste live block jumper is no exception. Knitted, thick and even the roll neck is ribbed for extra warmth, a roll neck is a great substitute for a scarf. Although if the nights are really cold we recommend doubling up and wearing both!



The bread and butter of winter wear, a good winter jacket will make the difference between a frigid jog home or an enjoyable stroll. This Alpha Industries black jacket has a thick fur hood and cuffed arms and waist that keep the coat tight to your body and clothes tucked in. As if that wasn’t enough, it looks great and has a black quilted interior to add to the warmth.



Another very important aspect of winter wear – hardwearing footwear for the vagaries of the cold weather are a must. Timberland are the go-to for boots and these dark brown larchmont boots are no exception when it comes quality. The boots are made from premium grain leather and have a chunky woven heel with a thick black vulcanised rubber sole which are sure to be some of the most durable boots you’ll ever own; not to mention they come complete with the Timberland stamp imprinted on the sole.


Above are some essentials you’d be a fool to go without this winter. It’s important to remember that layers are the best route for staying warm but are also the best option for looking stylish. Be sure to layer your t shirts, jumpers, coats and scarves to stay toasty on these chilly autumn evenings.

Written by Aaron Thompson

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