Best Trainers to Wear to the Gym

Written by Kimberley | 11/03/2016




The obvious choice for gym-wear is to make sure you’re comfortable, flexible and you look good whilst working out. So you’ve got the shorts, and the t-shirt but what do you wear on your feet? You need the comfort and the style. Lets face it; the trainers you’re wearing are going to make a big impact.

Here’s some advice on what to look for when trying to purchase the best trainers for the gym.

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Q: Do I need different shoes for weight training and cardio exercise?

A: Yes, a common misconception is that any shoes are suitable for the gym. In actual fact what style of shoe you choose makes a big impact on your training. For weight lifting you need a flatter shoe as shoes with cushioning will make you unstable while lifting, especially whilst doing squats. A level sole allows you more support and enables your technique to improve. A flatter shoe will stop your weight shifting onto either the ball or heel of your foot and will make sure that you keep a perfect stance and maximise your technique.

However for cardio exercise, such as running, more support is usually required. You want your footwear to be shock absorbent and to take the impact of each step, the exception being when running on a treadmill when less cushioning is ideal as a treadmill has a softer surface than outdoor terrain. You need a set of trainers that are comfortable, durable and most of all lightweight. If you don’t want to change your footwear or pay for multiple pairs, insoles are available from most sports shops and can be cut down at home to your fit your shoe size. These will act as shock absorbers if you have lightweight shoes and will protect the bottoms of your feet.

Q: Which are the best brands?

A: The brands that are usually more expensive are also the ones that will last you the longest. Top of the line brands such as Nike, Adidas and Asics all specialise in comfort and look. As sports specialists, these brands have the perfect merge of practicality and a sleek style to suit all gym goers.

Q: What are the most comfortable and practical shoes?

A:  Regardless of what exercises you’re focusing on, you will still need a comfortable, fitting and lightweight shoe that gives enough support for any exercise you are doing. Mesh shoes usually are more flexible and weigh the lightest, however they offer little protection to the top of your foot so as long as you avoid dropping weights you’ll be fine.

Q: What trainers would you recommend?

A: Nike’s Roshe One and Juvenate trainers are both good all-round shoes, they’re lightweight mesh material, very flexible and have a fair amount of cushioning should you want to tackle cardio exercise and therefore are very comfortable. Another excellent pair of trainers is from Asics called Kayano Evo trainers. With a slightly flatter sole than the Juvenates and Roshes they offer the same as support and comfort as the mentioned Nikes. For a purely flat shoe for weightlifting workouts, classics such as Vans and Converse can be worn and will give you the stability you require. Remember the flatter the sole the better.

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Written By Hugh Sallows

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