Best Winter Boots

Written by Kimberley | 08/12/2016

Winter is coming… And if Britain’s biting winds are any sort of indicator, it’s sure to be a cold one. Here at Mainline we’ve compiled a list of hard-wearing, heavy duty boots that definitely don’t skimp on style, so whether it’s dried leaves or snow you’re crunching beneath your soles we can assure you’ll be doing it in good taste!

boots 1The hardiest looking boot we’ve found, are these by Barbour Whitburn are about as rugged as they come. They’re high tops, so if the terrain (i.e. your route to work) is extra wet or frosty, you can tuck your chinos into the boots to prevent your trousers getting ragged and damp on the pavement. The dense sole is carved with thick ridges to prevent slipping on icy surfaces which will go a long way to not only saving your reputation, but potentially your hips! The boots are complete with a padded ankle cuff to add to your comfort and prevent the tough material chafing your skin.

Similar to the Barbour Whitburns displayed above, these dark brown Larchmont Boots are very hard-wearing, and as expected from classics such as Timberland, their style matches their resilience. Made from premium full grain brown leather, dark brown suede and a chunky black vulcanised rubber sole for powering through all weather conditions, you can’t go far wrong with these boots. Furthermore, true to their notorious brand quality, these Timberlands definitely won’t let you down on frosty mornings.

boots 2

A lighter addition to the list that is casual in appearance but far from casual in robustness, these Timberland Bradstreet Chukka Boots are a great option if you want the added protection and warmth of boots without looking like you’re wearing actual boots. This boot/shoe hybrid, is a great option if you’re looking to dress on the smarter end of a smart casual despite the winter weather conditions. A great hardy boot with a fashionable flair.

These Sperry Topsider Originals are a great alternative to the usual high top boots if you’re looking for a slightly different style. They have the classic boat shoe shape save for the addition of their thick boot soles designed to protect your feet from the winter weather. If you’re interested in a more unique type of footwear that deviates from the classic usual boot style in every way except practicality then check them out here. Alternatively, you can learn more about the interesting history of the boat shoe here.

boots 3

Finally we come to the Ted Baker Maagna Chukka Boots, a stylish sturdy boot reminiscent of chukka’s classic casual shoe. No less stylish than their original predecessors, these boots look almost identical save for the stacked black rubber sole which essential for winter walks. Made from high quality beige leather, you can trust the quality of chukka boots, particularly those made by such a well renowned brand as Ted Baker. If you’re interested, check them out here.

Written by Aaron Thompson

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