How to Care for Suede Shoes

Written by Kimberley | 10/06/2016

Suede shoes are one of our favorite choices. Stylish and elegant and can be teamed with so many different outfits. However, unfortunately they do take a little more maintenance than your leather shoe. But they’re worth it! Also the good news is the maintenance is relatively simple. Here’s our simple guide to take care of and clean suede shoes.


  • Suede Brush

If you own a pair of suede shoes the must have tool is a suede brush. Use this to keep your shoes clean, you can use this after every wear or just when your shoes need a little touch up. The brush is great to keep your shoes looking fresh and as good as new.

A few tips when using the brush, always brush the nap in the same direction without applying too much pressure. If there is mud on the shoe allow it to dry first before rubbing off, if not you will only rub the mud in. When dry it will brush off easily and won’t create a deeper stain.

  • Suede Eraser

The suede eraser is for the removal of stains. Simply rub the eraser over the stain and let it crumble. Once again use the brush to remove any crumbly bits of the stain that may be left. A quick tip if the stain is extremely bad don’t attempt to remove yourself, you can make it worse. Instead take to a reputable shoe repair shop they will give you the best result.

Similar to caring for leather shoes the best way to care for suede shoes is prevention. A good suede protector keeps mark, stains and water damage to a minimum.  Living in the UK it is inevitable your shoes will get wet. To dry suede try get as much moisture off of the before you leave them to dry.

Now you know how to care for suede shoes explore our range at Mainline Menswear.


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