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quizA little something for the weekend? Mainline Menswear brings you a designer clothing logo quiz; 20 questions with four multiple choice answers for each. Simply have a guess which clothing brand logo matches the description given. Answers will be revealed at the bottom of the page.

What designer brand’s logo…

1. Is based on the original Wimbledon symbol?

A. Nike                            B. Fred Perry               C. Lacoste                D. Creative Recreation

2. Was sparked because of a nickname the founder had?

A. Paul and Shark         B. Converse                  C. Lacoste               D. The North Face

3. Features someone playing polo?

A. Ralph Lauren            B. Adidas                      C. Weekend Offender            D. Gant

4. Has three variations, but always incorporates the same core element?

A. Armani                       B. Nike                          C. Adidas                 D. Hugo Boss

5. Includes an animal commonly kept as a pet?

A. Psycho Bunny           B. Stone Island            C. Asics                    D. Carhartt

6. Is based on a compass?

A. The North Face         B. Stone Island            C. Barbour              D. Moschino

7. Features two horses?

A. Ralph Lauren              B. Paul Smith               C. Belstaff               D. Levi’s

8. Includes a star?

A. Replay                         B. Grenson                   C. Converse            D. Blood Brother

9. Shows medusa’s head?

A. Humor                         B. Diesel                        C. Versace              D. CP Company

10. Reflects its military heritage?

A. G Star RAW                B. Gant                           C. Armani               D. Alpha Industries

11. Is worth $26 billion alone?

A. Adidas                         B. Hugo Boss                 C. Nike                    D. Vivienne Westwood

12. Depicts an eagle?

A. Pyrenex                        B. Luke 1977                 C. Pretty Green      D. Emporio Armani

13. Is inspired by a rock structure in Yosemite National Park?

A. The North Face          B. Lyle and Scott          C. Adidas                 D. Fila

14. Is styled like a flag?

A. True Religion             B. Tommy Hilfiger        C. Hugo Boss         D. Superdry

15. Is an orb inspired by royalty?

A. Moschino                   B. Vivienne Westwood     C. Henri Lloyd    D. Timberland

16. Hosts a crown?

A. Armani                       B. Weekend Offender      C. Paul Smith        D. Antony Morato

17. Features three mountains?

A. The North Face        B. Carhartt                       C. Pyrenex              D. Crooks and Castles

18. Includes a picture of a shark?

A. Converse                   B. Oliver Sweeney           C. Penfield             D. Paul and Shark

19. Is a lion sticking its tongue out?

A. Ted Baker                 B. Luke 1977                  C. Barbour              D. Aquascutum

20. Is a penguin?

A. Vans                          B. Lacoste                      C. Religion              D. Penguin Munsingwear


1. Fred Perry     2. Lacoste     3. Ralph Lauren     4. Adidas     5. Psycho Bunny Collage 1-5

6. Stone Island     7. Levi’s     8. Converse     9. Versace     10. Alpha Industries Collage 6-10

11. Nike     12. Armani     13. The North Face     14. Tommy Hilfiger     15. Vivienne Westwood

Collage 11-15

16. Weekend Offender     17. Pyrenex     18. Paul and Shark     19. Luke 1977     20. Penguin Munsingwear

Collage 16-20

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