Do’s & Don’ts of Men’s Swimwear

Written by: Kimberley Sandford | June 22, 2016.

SWIMWEAR The transition into summer is well under way. It’s time to shake of the woolly socks, parka coat and denim jeans. Spending an English winter wrapped up to your eyeballs can make it hard to imagine yourself wearing swimwear. While the sun is out make the most of it, get those white chicken legs out but please leave the budgie smugglers at home! We have looked at the biggest swimwear don’ts and those positive swimwear dos’ and wrapped them up into one post. So here you go get yourself beach ready in the hottest swimwear this season.


Swimwear Don’ts

Board Shorts – These are not a suitable option. 10 years ago maybe, if your mum has bought your summer wardrobe out of a catalog. Or an Australian surfer in the early 00s? The baggy ¾ lengths do not need any space in your suitcase this summer.

Garish Patterns – Being in the sun means people are most likely wearing sunglasses. However, this doesn’t mean neon bright patterns are acceptable. Chose a pair that are subtle and classy.

Shapeless Shorts – Wearing baggy unattractive shorts is no longer the fashion. We aren’t all the shape of Greek gods but we can all improve our look with clothing that fit us correctly. This included swimwear. If you are blessed with large thighs go a size up, shorts should not be taught. On the flip side if you’re on the skinny end of the scale don’t opt for baggy shorts, go for something slim and fitted these will be more flattering.

Speedo’s – If it’s a lad’s holiday or even a stag do it’s still not amusing to wear speedos around the pool. Leave some things for the imagination and leave the speedos at home.


Swimwear Do’s

Pastel Colors – When cold weather leaves us it’s time to leave the dark clothing behind. This means opts for pastel colored shorts; they will help accent your tan.

Go Shorter – When shopping for shorts a good rule to go by is the hem should fall a few inches above the knee. If you’re a guy who’s been working on leg day, why not be brave and go for something shorter. Show your hard work off.

Subtle Patters – If you are a lover of patters you don’t have to avoid them completely. Just tone it down, dark florals are proving popular, so be on trend with your choice of pattern.

Pack Different Styles – We are all guilty of finding a style we like and sticking to it. This is not always practical. You may spend days on the beach this mean you may take cash or mobile phone so shop practically for the shorts with zip pockets and then for the pool you can opt for a sleeker design.

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